Best Review - Top 5 New Christmas Movie Blu-ray Releases 2010


s more and more movies become available on blu-ray so do more and more Christmas movies become available on that format. This list is dedicated to five of the best Christmas blu-ray releases of 2010.

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Disney's A Christmas Carol on Blu-ray

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This is the biggest release, in my opinion, of the year. A Christmas Carol was well received last year, and I can hardly wait to see it on blu-ray, which should prove to be top notch.

Top 2

George C. Scott's A Christmas Carol on Blu-ray

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Definitely amongst the classic movies, we look forward to this the second release of A Christmas Carol on blu-ray in 2010. Read more...

Top 3

White Christmas on Blu-ray

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Another Christmas classic that, given the proper transfer, should only improve with the release of the blu-ray disc.

Top 4

Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage on Blu-ray

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A heartwarming Christmas story which should render beautifully on blu-ray. Read more...

Top 5

Santa Claus: The Movie on Blu-ray

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Dudley Moore as Santa Claus offers a different type of movie choice for Christmas movie fans. Read more...

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Blu-ray is no longer in its infancy. There are so many movies that have been transferred and transferred well from DVD to blu-ray. This list is just a small sampling to help you pick from the new releases of 2010.

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Stargazer00's picture

Interesting to see that the

Interesting to see that the old classic, White Christmas, is on Blu-ray. I haven't watched that one in years and years!

Susan52's picture

I'd choose White Christmas

I'd choose White Christmas first, too. I love that movie!