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an you think of any celebrities who don't seem to have much business being famous in the first place? This is my list of famous people who get talked about way too much. I think of these people as parasites in the entertainment industry all because the media bosses mindlessly focus on them rather than find people who have much more potential. As a result of there being horribly over rated celebrities, I believe that they hurt the overall quality of entertainment that is out there.

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Justin Bieber

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I've listened to his music before and while I'm not surprised that most of his fans seem to be younger than 16 years of age, I'm surprised that many of them are so fond of his music. I believe that every high school has musicians with a lot more potential than this guy, if only the producers who made him famous could have looked a little harder when finding someone who could help make them money.

Top 2

Chaz Bono

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Formerly known as Chastidy Bono, he made the personal accomplishment of getting a sex change and that is it. If it weren't for Cher he would be a nobody. He didn't make any contribution to the entertainment industry nor is he a doctor, scientist, or any highly esteemed profession. Its not like he's one of the first people to ever get a sex change. He just looks like some fat, ugly effeminate man who shouldn't have been on dancing with the stars because he did nothing to be a star.

Top 3

The Kardashians

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They are successful businessmen but does that mean they should have their own reality TV show with everyone in the world knowing who these people are? I think not, and this entire family just takes up WAY too much space in the entertainment industry. "What are you guys famous for again?" has been asked a lot, and its quite a valid question.

Top 4

Snooki and the Jersey Shore cast

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No one who has a brain believes that Jersey Shore is reality TV, not that anyone is expected to. This ridiculously popular show features a lot of talentless actors without any interesting plots. This might have been a cool show if it lasted 1/2 of a season.

Top 5

Charlie Sheen

This man didn't become an over rated celebrity until he was fired from Two and a half men. That was a stupid move on their part to fire him, and as a result he acted all crazy to get attention from the media. They took the bait, and for an overly extended period of time they had nothing better to talk about than the quotes he made ("winning", "tiger's blood", etc), his legal battles, etc.

The show won't be the same without him, and it has proven to fail miserably by replacing Charlie with Ashton Kutcher.

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This list is based on my own personal opinion, however I invite you to disagree with this list if you feel that way. Its not necessarily easy to argue with opinions rationally but it can be done.

Important: This list is not in any specific order. Although Best Reviewer only offers numbered lists, it should not be perceived as best to worst, or worst to best.

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