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mortgage broker works with banks and/or private lenders to find the best mortgage terms for an individual. They offer more options to property buyers who may not have the credentials needed to work directly with banks and other lending institutions. Experience, a positive track record, and great service are some of the features that you should look for when hiring a broker to get a mortgage. To help make the best decision, this is a list of the top 5 mortgage brokers in Canada.

The Top 5 Mortgage Brokers in Canada
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Benson Mortgages

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With more than 15 years of experience, Benson Mortgages has become well established as a company that helps clients get flexible and easy payment terms. They are experts in Canadian real estate markets with connections to a wide variety of banks and private lenders. They offer issue-specific attention, exception service, and a wider variety of options to accommodate more specific needs. Their services also include construction financing, second and third mortgages, and renewals and refinancing.

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Mortgage Brokers of Canada

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This company has a great deal of experience and a good reputation for providing mortgage funding services. They are multi-lingual, speaking English, French, Spanish, Italian and a number of other languages. They offer clients a variety of mortgage calculators to help them determine how much they can afford to pay on their mortgage and have connections with multiple banks to help you meet your needs.

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Western Canada Mortgage

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Located in Alberta, Western Canada Mortgage is dedicated to finding clients the lowest possible rates on their Canadian mortgages. They handle a wide variety of mortgage types and related services including approvals and renewals as well as alternative mortgages. They complete the mortgage financing and entire process with you.

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Family Lending

These mortgage lenders starts by looking at your credit rating, income, and the price of your home to get your exact mortgage rate. They use this information to get clients pre-approved and have a convenient online application form. In addition to helping individuals get the best rates on mortgages, they also offer syndicate mortgages for those looking for the best return on their investment.

Top 5

My Mortgage

This mortgage company operates exclusively in Alberta and British Columbia to help all types of home buyers finance their first home. They help buyers get lower interest rates and better mortgage terms in spite of less-than-perfect credit ratings or lack of finances for high down payments. They work with a group of pre-screened mortgage lenders in Canada to get exceptional loan programs at affordable rates.

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There are many advantages of using a mortgage broker to finance or re-finance a property purchase. Their connections with multiple lenders make it easier to match the client’s individual needs with the best lender and rates. They also have the expertise to negotiate the complex terms that will determine how satisfactory the mortgage is for the years that the buyer will be paying on it. The success of any purchasing experience depends on finding a top mortgage broker who knows how to meet your needs.

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