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ith so many mortgage brokers claiming to help you find the best rates, it is never easy to identify the best mortgage broker in Toronto. You need to conduct thorough research before you take the plunge. However, you can save a lot of your time by trusting the following list. Here are top 5 mortgage brokers in Toronto to help you cut a perfect deal.

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Mortgage Solutions Group

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If you are looking for the best home mortgages and financing options, look no further than Mortgage Solutions Group. They have been serving the Greater Toronto Area for years and enjoy a great reputation. You can trust them to get the best and most reliable information on mortgage pre-approval, construction loans, first mortgages, and more. They are the most reliable partners, especially when you are a first time homebuyer. They make everything work in a seamless way, as they work with you to find the best option while considering your income, down payment, debt, and credit history. You will get your pre-approval in writing, which includes an interest rate with a validity of 90 days.

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James Harrison

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James Harrison is another mortgage broker you can trust in Toronto. The company enjoys a great reputation and is known for providing people with the best terms, rates, and products available in the market. They can help you with everything from purchase, refinance, and renewal to FRM & HELOC and much more.

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Morcan Direct

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With thousands of clients across Canada, Morcan Direct is one of the best options for anyone interested in finding a mortgage in Toronto. They can help you with debt and credit card consolidating services, homey buying, refinancing, home equity loans, and credit solutions. The mortgage rate they offer comes with a validity of 120 days.

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Michael Sneddon

Sneddon from can also help you find a good mortgage in a short time. The company helps you save thousands of dollars and keep you from dealing with boring mortgage application forms. In fact, their online application does not take more than 90 seconds. They have all the expertise needed to deal with issues related to fixed rate mortgages, first time home buyer mortgages, pre-approval, refinance, low rate mortgage, variable rate mortgage and much more.

Top 5

True North Mortgage

The company has helped thousands of home buyers handle the process in a hassle-free way. With an access to a number of lenders, they promise to offer the best rates. The best thing is that they are also willing to lower their commission to help you find low rates. You can certainly work with them to find a better rate than you get from your bank.

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All these mortgage brokers have been in business for years and they have access to so many lenders, which is why they are always in the best position to help you find the best rate. Just trust the list and you will be able to find a good service provider.

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