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he Mississippi meanders its way along for just over two thousand three hundred miles; it is the third largest river in the United States and, is the setting for many of Mark Twain’s famous stories. At its widest point it is over seven miles wide and it crosses through ten different states.

Of course, wherever there is water it is possible to indulge in some sort of river activity; here are the top five on the Mississippi:

Top 5 Mississippi Boating Trips
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Specific Gravity1 - Mississippi River boating

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This is a small business based in Memphis and offering the opportunity to wakeboard, wakesurf, and tube for a low cost. The couple who set up this business have been wakeboarding for years and, until recently, found it challenging to get consistent riding without owning a an expensive wakeboard boat. . As most water sports enthusiasts; if the weather was nice, they wanted to be on the water!

They now own a professional Gravity Games Edition wakeboard boat and are offering to take anyone out wakeboarding for a small charge, they can even provide new riders beginner level lessons with all the required equipment. You can go out for the whole day or just for half an hour; the choice is yours.

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PaddleWheel Cruise

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Perhaps the ultimate cruise ship experience; luxury travel on a paddle ship down the Mississippi river. The paddle ship is fitted out to the highest possible standard and an impressive array of onboard facilities. You can choose which part of the river to cruise along and start enjoying the generous hospitality of the south.

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An alternative type of thrill is to experience the excitement and the adrenaline rush of riding a jet boat along the Mississippi river. Trips generally last approximately twenty minutes and will feel like you are riding a roller coaster crossed with a log ride. The boat is small; holding no more than eleven people and handles like a jet ski; this is because it has a jet engine. It will twist and turn and you will be soaked before you return to the harbor! This is definitely a summer trip as the cold water of the Mississippi will simply feel refreshing in the warmer weather.

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Another way to enjoy the river and to appreciate the surroundings is to indulge in a riverboat cruise. These trips generally last for two hours and can be taken in the warmth of the afternoon sun, early evening or, you may prefer to cruise in the evening and enjoy some dinner on board. The evening cruise will also provide some music to go with your dinner.

Cruising gently down the river, in an old fashioned riverboat is certain to appeal to the nostalgia in everyone.

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This firm offers the opportunity to rent a kayak or canoe, and explore the river at your own pace. You can rent a boat from, them at either the Harbor in Memphis, Shelby Farms, the Boat Ramp or even the Ghost river section.

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The ghost river section is a high octane, white water rafting experience just to the north of Downtown Memphis. There are a variety of different channels to follow, ranging from easy, to ones which should only be undertaken by those with experience. The trip down river can take between three and six hours; depending upon the route and your experience level.

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