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tep by step jewelry making instructions. How to make a Scrabble Tile Pendant or How to create unique Steampunk jewelry, bottlecap pendants, domino pendants, scrabble earrings and well as where to buy jewelry making supplies on line. If you want to create costume jewelry then this Top 5 list is for you!

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How to make Steampunk Jewelry

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This article shows you many different hand-made pieces of Steampunk jewelry...pendants, earrings, etc. It also shows you where to you can buy steampunk supplies for your own costume jewelry creations.

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How to Make Scrabble Tile Pendants

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Up-cycle an old Scrabble Tile into a unique costume jewelry pendant. Step by step instructions, complete with photos make this costume jewelry craft super easy! You can even personalize these by utilizing the Scrabble letter on the reverse.

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How to Make a Bottlecap Pendant Necklace

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Recycle an old bottlecap into a custom, one of a kind necklace pendant...we show you how to flatten the bottlecap, where to get images from and how to seal your picture. Photos and step by step instructions. It couldn't be easier!

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How to make Scrabble Tile Jewelry

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Make more than a Scrabble Tile pendant...make Scrabble Tile earrings or cuff links, Scrabble Tile rings etc. Learn how to make the jewelry, and where to buy your supplies and then you can sell your creations online in your new craft business.

Top 5

Stamped Domino jewelry pendant tutorial

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Take a plain old white or ivory domino and create a unique costume jewelry pendant with scrapbooking stamps, some ink and chalk! These are wonderful little works of art!

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Hope you enjoyed our Top 7 sites for Jewelry making, the step by step instructions and suppliers lists. You are now ready to create unique costume jewelry, as gifts, for yourself or to resell as an online business. Happy Creating!

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Treasures By Brenda's picture

Great list; welcome to Best

Great list; welcome to Best Reviewer!

AlteredKat's picture

Hey Brenda many

Hey Brenda many fellow Squidoo'ers here :o)

Treasures By Brenda's picture

If I didn't know better,

If I didn't know better, you'd think this place was created by us!
(And my Best Reviewer page about Imax blu-ray movies is on the first page of Google.)

tandemonimom's picture

Great list! Lots of beautiful

Great list! Lots of beautiful jewelry there. I just made my first top too!

squidoogirl's picture

Haha Squidooers UNITE!

Haha Squidooers UNITE!

mulberry's picture

Great resource for the

Great resource for the creative types! I think the only one I hadn't seen was the bottlecap looks easy enough for someone like me to handle.

bottlecaps's picture

If you love jewelry then you

If you love jewelry then you can try something with bottlecaps.