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ost individuals do not have an idea of what a top ranked insurance company is. Well, the reason for this could be attributed to lack of basic knowledge about how Insurance companies works.

Research should be done when you are purchasing insurance policy. Since we cannot see, feel and touch the policy, how do we evaluate it? Well, there are many ways of evaluating insurance companies. The way some insurance company treats you is very important. We are not discussing about personalities. We are discussing about how the organization deals with customer problems. We are discussing about the quality of solutions offered and whether you are given the policy that fits your needs.

The consumer complaints ratio is an excellent tool for testing top organizations from bad organizations. If some insurance company has many complaints, then it is a red banner. You should not be misled by big names or the building of some insurance company.

An organization may have a big name, but it does not mean that they have excellent services. Also, just because an organization is close to your home, does not mean that they will serve you well.
But in this article, a critical and an unbiased approach was use to rank the top 5 insurance offices in Massachusetts.

The Top 5 Insurance Offices In Massachusetts
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Top 1

D.F. Murphy Insurance Agency

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Murphy Insurance is an independent agency that is family owned and it is one of the largest its kind in Massachusetts. They deal with all kind of insurance, ranging from personal, business and financial insurance. They work in conjunction with more than 25 other insurance portfolios giving D. F Murphy the opportunity to create specialized plans to meet every clients needs.

Top 2

The Commerce Insurance Company

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The Commerce Insurance Company with it humble start has experienced rapid and steady growth to become the biggest provider of personal automobile insurance in Massachusetts. According to statistics they insure one in every four vehicles in the state.

Top 3

Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

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Liberty Mutual Insurance aid in the preservation and protection of their client’s money, properties and their most prized possessions, they are committed to the provision of insurance to meet the demands of individuals, families, and businesses.

Top 4

Safety Insurance Company

Safety Insurance started in 1979 firmly believing that they can only succeed as an organization if customers were provided with best services. Over the years they have grown steadily and developed their services to include a full range of property and casualty insurance products.

Top 5

Arbella Mutual Insurance Company

Arbella Insurance have a wide range of services that include car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance the people of Massachusetts needs when driving, living, and running a business in the state of Massachusetts.

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When you are thinking of the top 5 insurance offices in Massachusetts, think of these five in the order in which they are stated above.

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