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Here are a few collections of quotes. All these collections have one thing in common and that is the inspirational nature of these quotes. Encouraging Quotes This article lists a really nice collection of encouraging quotes. Try quoting some of them to people in need of some encouragement and motivation. Strength Quotes Strength can do wonders. Nelson Mandela wouldn't have been a peace icon without strength.. Unfortunately, people forget about their inner strength. These quotes could be a reminder of the strength they have forgotten about. Mount Everest Quotes In my opinion, Mount Everest is not just a mountain, it symbolizes huge might, strength and stability. And climbing Mount Everest requires motivation, inspiration, sense of achievement and stamina also, in addition to strength. Some encouraging quotes about Mount Everest that we can implement in our everyday lives. Revolution Quotes Read some great quotes about revolution here. Adventure Quotes There is a lot to learn from adventures. See what some famous people have learnt from their adventures in this article.
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