Best Review - Top 5 Influential Persons in Aviation History

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The most important and influential people for the development of aviation industry. Clement Ader French engineer Ader built a very capable flying machine. It secretly vanished from the presenting event a few hours before the opening, immediately after the "Aeolus" was shown to the minister of warfare. Wright brothers Taking care of stability and controllability of the airplane of the future, the Wright brothers introduced related inventions and solved other important problems. Alberto Santos-Dumont Flying apparatus built by Santos-Dumont honorably represents the gallery of European aircraft of the beginning of 20th century. Constructor was able to fly as long as for 200 meters. Hugo Junkers Constructor bureau guided by Junkers revamped scheme of airplanes, their structure, shape and placement of wings. Their concept was dominating for decades. In 1915 H. Junkers designed his first all-metal monoplane, the J1. Germany just then was fighting World War I, and aluminum, which is very light in weight, was in short supply. Anthony Fokker Fokker proposed invention that adjusted shooting in accordance to the turning of the propeller for war planes. Kinematics operated so that the shot will be delayed if the one of the rotating edges was on the bullet course.
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