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t is important that the lawyer you hire to handle your legal troubles is the right person for the job. This is true regardless of the area of the law your troubles may fall within. Immigration is a complicated progress involving loads of paperwork and sorting through the various legal issues involved. It is important that the lawyer you choose cares as much about your cause as you do, or things may not go well. Immigration is a field of law that you do not want to settle for second rate lawyers. To insure you are able to find what you need, here is a list of the top 5 lawyers that can be found within Coral Gables, FL.

Top 5 Immigration Lawyers in Coral Gables
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Legnaro AKL Law Firm

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Legnaro Akl Law Firm offers both professional and effective legal services in numerous areas. Lawyers at the Legnaro AKL law firm are experienced in the field of immigration law, and can find practical solutions to help you gain citizenship or bring your loved one home. The lawyers at Legnaro AKL practice all areas of law ethically. They use integrity and are open and honest during every phase of the immigration process. They understand that immigration issues are tough, and that you and your family have traveled hard road to get to where you are today. Clients are shown compassion while working with Legnaro Akl Law Firm, and treated with the upmost affect. Not every immigration is the same, and your case will gain the personal attention that it deserves. Lawyers at the firm pay close attention to the details during each stage and ensure that the legal services being provided are appropriate for the individual immigration issues you or your family may currently be facing. You can’t go wrong with Legnaro Akl Law Firm, they care about your case as much as you do and will fight until the end to ensure the case is handled fairly and efficiently.

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Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law LP

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Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law LP is a bilingual firm that represents clients throughout the country. There are numerous issues involved in the field of immigration law, and these lawyers are here to help. They provide numerous immigration services from green card renewal to investment visas and much more. They feel that people who come to the United States should be met with a pleasant experience, and that this is not what is being provided. They fight to ensure all immigration issues are handled as they should be, and keep the client at the forefront of their mind during the entire process. It does not matter if you are working toward getting a job, being a permanent U.S. citizen, or bringing a family member home, they are here to help.

Top 3

Zumpano, Patricios & Winker P.A

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ZP & W focuses on high impact delivery and providing legal services to clients that are oriented around values. They do their best to ensure their services are reasonably priced and focus on areas of law they enjoy. This helps ensure that they know what they are doing and can take pride in the experience and passion they have on the job. They work toward providing clients with the best possible outcome and put their resources toward meeting the needs of their client. They work around a mission statement that aims for the highest benefit to the client. They also hold trust, commitment and objectivity close in their value sets. They are there to advocate for you, fight for you, and ensure that you fully understand every step in the legal process. They focus every element contained within immigration law, specifically when it involves counseling individuals and/or domestic/multinational corporations. They are experienced at providing excellent immigration counseling to various business on topics surrounding temporary and/or permanent employment for foreign employees within the nation and on the topic of strategic planning as it relates to employment. Their experience in the field of immigration covers multiple areas.

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Fragomen Worldwide

The Fragomen Firm contains over 60 years’ experience working with numerous individuals and contain access to some of the very best immigration professionals that can be found in the world today. They are solely dedicated to Immigration law and provide local, home and host support all over the world. They also contain much experience and knowledge pertaining to immigration law and can provide guidance you truly trust. They provide each client with personalized attention to meet their needs and understand what is going on and tailored support to meet those needs. They provide services on the terms you set and allow you to access your case anytime you want. Numerous governmental bodies around the world support the company and many go to them on immigration issues all over the world. Ethics are found at the center of everything they do. They always use their best practices and work each case with the upmost integrity. Any immigration issue you could think of, they cover.

Top 5

Leslie I. Snyder, P.A.

Leslie I Snyder’s Firm is experienced in Immigration issues. They focus on immigration issues and keep prices reasonable. They have been working Immigration cases for twenty years. They also have offices within the states of New York and Philadelphia. They provide excellent counseling individualized for each case and work numerous types of cases. They treat each client with the upmost respect and practice discretely while focusing solely on client needs.

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No matter your immigration issues, the above Firms are solely focused on their clients. They are experienced in the field of Immigration Law. They can meet your needs, individualize your case, provide expert advice, and insure that you understand what is happening during every phase of the process.

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