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aving money is my addiction. Figuring out rebates, coupons, sales ads, rewards cards...I never pay full price for anything. Ever! When I stand in checkout lines and see people not use coupons or ask to price check it almost makes me cry. Knowing people can save hundreds to thousands of dollars every year on everyday purchases and they don't take advantage of it makes me want to spread the word of savings even more!
I have compiled a list of savings solutions that I have used for years and I have saved thousands! To some people it may seem like a waste of time saving a dollar here, .50 there but by the end of the year I was able to pay for all of my Christmas shopping with the money I saved throughout the year.

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Call me old school but I like to use paper coupons either from the paper or printed from on line sites. some stores even offer double coupons on certain days. and you can combine coupons with store sales. There are hundreds of coupon sites out there! One of my favorites is Kellogg' You can print coupons, play games to earn points to redeem for prizes, and load your loyalty shoppers card to save even more ! [Ill get to the last two in a minute]

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company web sites

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Company websites have a lot to offer the consumer! Lets take the Kellogg's website again. They offer ways to earn points to trade in for prizes like gift cards, Shutterfly merchandise, and sweepstakes. All free stuff for playing games or shopping once you loyalty shopping card is linked to their site.

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Linking loyalty shopping cards.

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Where I live our major grocery chain is called Giant Eagle. I have my Giant Eagle loyalty shopping card linked to tons of websites including the Kellogg's site I keep referring to. By just simply linking my card to their site, every time I buy a Kellogg's product I earn points that I can trade in for rewards! So easy to save money and get free stuff!

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Apps are another great way to save money. But before you go and download every savings and coupons app you find, read the reviews. I cant stress this enough. Don't waste your time on an app that didn't work for other people. That may seem like common sense but I have seen people give up on the savings band wagon because the app didn't work or pay out. My all time favorite app is Ibotta. I have been using it for a couple years now and it is 100% legit. It super easy to use to.Simply download the app, link you loyalty cards, and choose which products you want to save. For example, this week they have a certain breakfast cereal you can get .75 cents back on. You choose that product and usualy have to watch a 30 second video or take a 1 question survey on the product. once you buy that product within 24 hours Ibotta gives you .75. It may not seem like big money at first but by the end of the year I saved $117.85! I cashed out $100.00 into a paypal account that was transferred within 24 hours.
another app that I love and is legit is Checkout51. This one is a little different. With this once you go shopping first, then pick which items you bought, take a pic of your receipt through the app, and within 24 hours the money is in your account. I saved over a hundred dollars with this app as well. so by simply shopping for everyday things I cashed out over $200 at the end of the year. Sounds nice, huh?
If your big on online shopping get the Plenti card and app. By going through the Plenti website to shop at your favorite stores you earn points that you can redeem at a list of retailers like Rite Aid and Macy's. I recently cashed out my points at Rite Aid and went on a shopping spree for vitamins and shampoo. So nice leaving a store with a bag full of goodies and not paying a dime for it!

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Pay yourself

I have saved so much money by doing this. Set up a separate checking account at a bank for savings. I don't use a savings account because you have to pay taxes on the amount you have. Every time you get your paycheck, transfer money in to the separate account. I have several ways of paying myself. Like if my paycheck is $803.50, I transfer the 3.50 into the account. If I do a little spring cleaning and organize a closet, I'll pay myself and transfer 5.00 in the in the account. If I saved extra at the grocery store i'll put what I didn't spend into the account. By the end of the year I had over $500 in the account!

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A tip before you get started with all the savings is to make a 'junk' email account that you use for signing up for savings. Some sites to send a lot of spam. But make sure you check the junk email at least once a week. Some companies will send coupons for free products that are good for a limited time.
*I am not sponsored by any mentioned company in any way*

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