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n order for mediation to be a success, you have to start with the right mediator. To start, determine what you hope to accomplish from the mediator. Although the mediation process is basically the same, each has their own techniques that could determine how good a match they are for you. Look at the different approaches used by the mediators in this list to find a Houston mediator who is more likely to complement your strengths and weaknesses.

Top 5 Houston Mediators
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John W. Kelly, JR

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John W. Kelly, Jr. received his education in law at the University of Kansas and has had advanced training in mediation, civil law, and family law. His services include mediation for personal injury, contract, construction, and trade secrets areas. John has 43 years of experience and has an in-depth understand of the emotions that are often involved in all types of disputes. He has mediated for defendants and plaintiffs alike, bringing his knowledge to the mediation process to get the most favorable resolution for any legal situation.

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Frederick J Wagner

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The focus of Frederick J Wagner is on giving clients the personal contact they need in legal representation and mediation. His areas of expertise include a wide range of business related disputes including premises liability, products liability, and transportation claims. He brings more than 20 years of experience to his practice and provides a controlled, confidential environment to settle business matters. Although Wagner is a Houston mediator, he also travels to offer services outside the Houston area.

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Ronald Wardell

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Ronald Wardell has mediated more than 3,700 cases, particularly those that involve complex matters and multiple parties. His success rate as a Houston mediator exceeds 92%. His success, in part, is due to his continuing support in settlement negotiations following the mediation process.

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Marilyn Gale Vilyus

Attorney Marilyn Vilyus is a trained mediator who specializes in the area of divorce mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Marilyn meets with the involved parties and their attorneys, acting as facilitator to reach an agreement. She also serves as mediator in disputes with no legal representation.

Top 5

Alvin L. Zimmerman

Mr. Zimmerman has been named as one of the Best Lawyers in America and his legal experience includes serving as a municipal court judge, state judge and serving as assistant attorney general to Texas. Today, his is one of the most active mediators in Houston and he handles a variety of disputes in business and family law. His approach to mediation is to provide clients with an honest, attentive listener who strives to find the best outcome possible.

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Mediation is often the better alternative to litigation for a variety of legal disputes. Achieving the best outcome relies on finding the right Houston mediator for the area of the law that is concerned. You should also consider the amount of experience that any mediator has in the specific legal area. The more successful cases they have behind them, the more likely they will be to help lead your dispute to resolution.

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