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o, you're looking for a new high paying niche topic to write on. You may have even spent an hour or two or more searching the Internet for the latest trends. I sometimes catch myself getting side-tracked doing so and then it's suddenly dark out and I haven't written a single word. It stinks having A.D.D. sometimes.

Okay, so let's refocus on the top 5 web traffic pulling topics that are bound to bring in the masses with your expert keyword and SEO research. Not only will these bring the website visitors to your pages begging for more, you'll appear as an authority on the top 5 high paying niche topics, because of you high quality content, I'm sure. Let's now dig in.

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Internet and Computer Tips or Tricks

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As we keep going growing on the Internet, the latest state-of-the-art computer, smartphone, tablet is always a good high paying niche to compose some great high-quality content. There's always something new out and comparing them to the previous model can be done in so many ways. Additionally, a tips or tricks "cheatsheet" is always a winner.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

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Oh, you know this one was coming. Affiliate Marketing is always a high paying niche topic. With or without a website, affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to being making money online. You can learn PPC, PPV, Google Adsense, creating PLR (Private Label Rights) and even Clickbank, one of the highest niche topics that's always on fire and going strong. Building a website can be done in 20 minutes or less these days. Setting up an Amazon Affiliate store with WordPress and a decent Amazon Associate Plug-in can be done in a mere 10 more minutes. Then, again, just create some high quality content around your chosen products and some SEO and strategic backlinking and you're well on your way to your very first online internet marketing commission check.

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Health and Fitness Tips

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Without a doubt, health and fitness is huge these days. Especially in the U.S. as we are seemingly inundated with fast food advertisements and overeating. It's an epidemic and sooner or later, everyone is seeking health related topics for overweight issues or fitness tips, because they are trying shed those pounds.

As a certified personal training, I can go on and on about this one. But, I'm sure you get the idea here. This is always a solid high paying niche topic to write on or get a ghost-writer to write for you. The advertisers and affiliate marketing products are plentiful. Do your diligent search engine optimization on health and fitness and work on and tweak those headlines. Blogs seem to work great here, be it on Google Blogger, Wordpress or more. Also, it's a wonderful topic for Google Adsense revenue when worked strategically and backlinked will. Again, high quality content will prove to be your friend here. Below is a great example:

Top 4

Business, Banking and Finance

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Business as a high paying niche topic is one of the foundations of the world wide web. There is so much information available, but it does take some great keyword and niche research to discover which area to concentrate on. Small Business is a tough niche to break into, but if you do it's gold. The banking and finance market will pay well for advertisement space for a well built website. Check your on-page SEO and build using LSI keywords and once again, high quality content and you're in with the best of them.

Top 5

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Everyone that enjoys to write should (and if they haven't started, will eventually) build a blog. The blogging platform is a tremendously powerful content management system with most being so easy and intuitive that the learning curve is quite small. If you have the techno gadget gene, you'll pick it up easy and then it's just a matter of writing quality content. This is currently a huge high paying niche right now and worthy of your attention. Most of you reading this are probably already doing it. Creating a list of blogging tips and tricks is always a great marketing idea as we are always looking for ways to conserve time or at least blogging in the most efficient manner possible.

Again, with some great SEO and solid keyword research, you can build a blog worthy of having advertisers pounding down your door with your steady web traffic numbers well-documented and highly consistent. Blogging can be quite dynamically involved with the social platforms and post backlinks automatically without worrying about Google Adsense policy infractions.

Do you like this top?

Well, I hope you were able to regain focus and begin writing. Your readers, I'm sure will be stunned with your quality and well-researched SEO keyword outstanding writing. Additionally, if you're promoting a product, I'm sure you're killer headline and sub-headlines are going to yield some decent affiliate marketing revenue. Perhaps you were writing merely for Google Adsense and to generate a tidal wave of web traffic for that sole purpose.

Regardless, I'm sure you're high-quality content and perfect verbiage is stellar. You're now the content king and have four more high paying niche topics to write on this upcoming week or weekend. Maintain that focus. Believe me, I know it's hard. My meds are wearing off, but writing quality content on high paying niche topics is always a great way to get back on track. Stay motivated!

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