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ome people drink tea to remain healthy. Some people drink tea because of their culture. Some people drink tea because... well... it's pretty good! Tea has been in my daily life for years, but no matter how or why you drink herbal teas, you're doing your body a favor. I started drinking green tea to boost my metabolism. It worked SO WELL. I was losing weight without changing my eating habits or exercising, and the detoxing made me feel fantastic. Since then, I've begun to explore the wide and wonderful world of teas... My favorite tea at the moment is Peppermint tea, but we'll get into why. Hang tight, and enjoy!

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Green Tea

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Ah, Green tea. I used to giggle when my grandmother drank Green tea, because she would always burn her lip when she took her first sip. It is proven that Green tea can boost your metabolism, promoting weight loss. Try drinking it hot with your breakfast to give you a morning health boost. Add some lemon and honey for a healthy sweetener!

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Chamomile tea is my favorite night-time drink. While being famous for promoting sleep, did you know that Chamomile tea helps reduce stress? Not only do I drink this before I sleep, but I also drink it when I'm working. (Boy howdy is working hard stuff, man.) If you have trouble sleeping, or just need some bliss from the stress of everyday life, Chamomile is the tea for you!

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Black Tea

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Black tea is AMAZING. You can get all different flavors of black tea. For example, right now, I'm sipping on a cup of CARAMEL Black tea with milk. While Black tea tastes amazing, it also has been proven to reduce risk of having a stroke. Black tea is also jam-packed with antioxidants which (like Green tea) contribute to weight loss and just feeling good in general!

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Lemongrass tea is amazing. Its fruity taste reminds me of hot lemonade (also amazing) without all the nasty, unhealthy sugar. I recently bought dried organic lemongrass at my local farmer's market, and I don't regret it a bit. Lemongrass is super tasty, and a great way to start off your day!

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Breakfast Teas

I've grown up around Breakfast teas. My great Grandma moved to the US from England when she was a young woman, and she has incorporated its use into my life ever since I was born. There are so many different kinds of Breakfast teas. Although my favorite is Irish blend, a lot of people prefer English Breakfast blended tea. If you're looking for a strong breakfast tea, go for the Irish blend. If you need something a little more weak, try out the English blend!

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I hope you enjoy some of these teas, if not all. They've certainly improved my life! Thanks so much for reading! *sips tea*

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