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ank Marvin was an original. Creating a superb sound at a time when the four piece guitar group was finding it's feet. There was no "how-to", in those days they had to find their own way in the music business. Many, many guitarists from the sixties have mentioned Hank as one of their inspirations, wether you think he can stand alongside the more modern slashers and thrashers is another story but his rendition of a melody is superb. He can make a guitar sound like the human voice and was a leader in the use of a number of techniques which led to "that sound", a sound which was so important in crreating a difference between The Shadows and other groups of the era.
This list however is different, I have plumped for creating a list of the top VOCALS
If you want to check up on Hank and his story then visit my web page Hank Marvin, Legendary Guitarist

Hanks first solo album
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Top 1

The Hawk and The Dove

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This is definitely my favourite vocal by Hank Marvin relased on Hanks's solo album "All Alone With Friends" and as a single in 1983. Written by Hank himself.

Top 2

(I'm gonna be your) Guardian Angel

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This was by The Shadows but is a fantastic song and so well performed, it was released on the album Guardian Angel which was a critically acclaimed release but unfortunately never bought by the fans at the time. Nowadays it is far more likely to be mentioned by fans in a much more reverential tone.

Top 3

Lady Of The Morning

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This one was one of the songs featured on "second Opinion" an album by Marvin Welch and Farrar and also released as a single. This incarnation of the group as a close harmony vocal group was again critically acclaimed but in 1971 the fans wanted Apache - such a shame in my opinion.

Top 4

Let Me Be The One

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A live version (2003) of a 1975 Eurovision song contest entry for the UK. It very narrowly came 2nd - we wuz robbed!

Top 5

Please Mr Please

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Just to even things up I have included this song by Bruce Welch, a country western type offering that was his first and only solo recording. I love this song, when i first heard it it bought tears to my eyes.

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