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alloween is quickly upon us and it will be time for kids to choose their Halloween costumes again! In our day and age it can be tough for young teens to choose appropriate costumes but there are still some great ideas out there. These are my top picks for Halloween costumes for teenagers.

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How to Train Your Dragon Halloween Costumes

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This movie made a killing at the box office this year so Halloween costumes based on the movie are sure to be a hit. Whether it is a dragon costume or a viking costume or a costume based on one of the other characters in the movie, young teens will love them.

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Tron Halloween Costumes

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Since the remake of the Tron series in 2010, kids have loved the characters and the costumes are so simple you could make them or buy them. All you need to do is look like a computer game character! They are fun and you can even find outfits that glow in the dark so they are safer at night.

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Angry Bird Halloween Costumes

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Teens and adults alike have become totally hooked on the game Angry Birds that can be played on computers or tablets so these Halloween costumes are sure to be a hit with everyone. Choose from the King Pig, the Yellow Angry Birds, or the Angry Birds Pig.

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Black Swan Halloween Costumes

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If your teen girl loves ballet and loved The Black Swan movie then this is the perfect costume. A simple tutu and a body suit and she'll look like she should be on a stage

Top 5

Iron Man 2 Halloween Costumes

Another movie that did great in the theaters was Iron Man 2 and there are lots of great costume ideas that you can get from this movie. There's the Mark 6 Classic Muscle Costume, the light up costume, and the War Machine costume. For girls there is the Black Widow Spy costume and the Ironette costume.

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