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he grocery store is a great place to pick up some food to feed your family. However, if you’re like me, you probably don’t particularly enjoy going to store to actually get the food. For the most part, grocery shopping is just an inconvenience that forces to you deal with the social reality of the world. Every time I go to the grocery store, I come home with a wild story to tell. Most of the time, the story I have to tell is about some annoying and angry customer or a store employee that doesn’t care that he is about to get fired. With that said, here are my top 5 things that annoy me at the grocery store:

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Line Shoppers

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Line Shoppers just make me so hungry sometimes. If you’re not done shopping, then don’t get in line! Where I live, this is a huge problem. I guess these people think that it is a good shopping strategy to save time. It does save them time, but at the expensive of the other shoppers that chose to get all of their stuff before getting into the check out line.

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Aisle Blockers

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Have you ever gone down a store aisle only to have it blocked by a massive pile of shopping carts? Sometimes this is no big deal, as a simple excuse me would get them to move out of the way for you. I move my cart when people need to get by, its just common courtesy. Sometimes though, the customers decide that they don’t want to move the cart. This is when it becomes a problem.

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Coupon Queens

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I’m all for saving money with coupons and price matching schemes, but please people, just do it in another line. The least that you can do is get yourself organized so that you don’t hold up the entire store to save a few pennies.

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Over the Limit Buyers

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Don't you just hate when someone tries to buy 11 items at the 10 items or less line? How annoying and inconsiderate. Get a clue people, quit abusing the cashiers and other customers and read the sign!

Top 5

Clueless Customers at Checkout

Ever see the guy that just can't get his debit or credit card to work? This is usually because the customer is clueless and can't figure out how to run the simple machine. They act like they have never seen a card reader before. Haven't they shopped like a million times already?

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TinaAtHome's picture

You didn't list shopping

You didn't list shopping carts that don't work, that's my major annoyance.

TinaAtHome's picture

I think the most annoying

I think the most annoying people in the grocery store are those in a hurry, as they are unaware of others around them. But also those not in a hurry and meeting and chatting with their friends can be annoying too.