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ome people find it hard to get gifts for artists. That's mainly because they over think it. It's really easy to shop for a creative person. I know because I am one and the one thing I know every artist always needs is supplies.

If we only got supplies for every gift occasion like holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. we would be happy.

However, if you would like to spice up your gift giving from time to time here are some items that your artistic friend would appreciate as well.

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A Light Box

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This is something every creative can find useful from time to time. It can save a lot of time and headache. This allows the artist to trace a sketch, a magazine photo or any other thing they want to save drawing time on.

I know the one I have has been very helpful to me over the years.

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Show Your Work

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This a book by Austin Kleon, who is a New York Times bestselling author. This book tells the artist way to show there art and get discovered. Something every creative wants, me included.

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Novelty Gifts

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Novelty gifts like a t-shirt with their favorite artist or their work on it, a key-chain or necklace shaped like a pallet with paint brushes or a license plate holder that says " Proud To Be An Artist" on are good ideas.

Just about anything that shows off the fact that they are in the art field.

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Graphic Drawing Tablet

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This is something that I bought for myself recently, but would had made a fantastic gift. This allows me to do art on my computer, which is something I have been wanting to do for years and I am loving it.

This gives the creative person another way to express them-self in an artistic way. We are always looking for different ways to do that.

Top 5

The Art Condo

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I have listed just a few ideas for artist gifts here. You can find plenty more at my blog, "The Art Condo". You can also see some of the art I do as well. Feel free to stroll through the pages. You might see some other ideas you like better.

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Gift giving is a special connection between the giver and the receiver. Although in most cases the receiver is appreciative of most anything they are given, it is the givers who puts pressure on themselves to give the perfect gift.

If you want to give the perfect present to your creative friend any of the ones listed here would be perfect to them.

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