Best Review - Top 5 Gifts for a 12-14 year old Girl


hopping for a 12-14 girl is no easy task. They are very picky and specific about what they like and what they don't. If you have a teen girl on your shopping list this year, I think I can help. You never want to make the mistake of giving them something they won't like. The truth is there are so many great gifts (don't resort to a gift card!). The trick is finding something that relates to your teen's hobbies or things she likes to do. Here are some 100% teen approved gifts so that you can pick one out for your daughter, sister, grand daughter, or friend.

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Tie Dye Kit

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Tie dye kits are a great idea for young teens! Trust me, they love to tie dye. It's easy and fun and pretty reasonable in pricing. With this gift it would be a good idea to give them a white T shirt along with the kit. Some kits come with a shirt but most don't.

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Digital Camera

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All young teens love to take pictures. They would want one to create memories, take pictures with friends, or simply because they love photography. There are many great cameras out there that are perfect for a girl of this age. The one in the link is a great one. I love my Canon Powershot ELPH 100 HS. It takes great pictures and they come out clear and crisp every time! I definitely recommend it.

Top 3

Flat Iron or Curling Iron

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Every girl wants perfect hair. Especially this age girls are very conscious about it. With a flat iron or curling iron they can easily achieve the style they want.

Top 4

Duct Tape

You can't possibly go wrong here. Trust me, every girl needs a roll of duct tape, they can make anything out of it! Not just the grey kind, though. There are many different colors that your teen is sure to love. Pick out your teen's favorite color and you can't go wrong.

Top 5

Pillow Pet

Who doesn't want a comfy, soft pillow that can quickly turn into a adorable stuffed animal? This is a huge hit with girls 12-14 years old. If they don't already have one, this would make the perfect gift.

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I hope you found the right gift for your young teen! If you want to find even more gift ideas for this age group you can find them here.
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