Best Review - Top 5 Fun Psychology Tests


ou are interested in finding more about yourself in a fun way? These 5 tests are part of the funniest psychology tests you can find online. Test yourself by trying them.

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Are you a fashion victim?

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Take this test to discover if you are a fashion victim. Do you need to buy the latest designer shoes? Do queue at the mobile phone store to the latest smart phone? This test is a fun way to discover it.

Top 2

Are you Jealous? Take the test

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Jealousy is part of any friendship or romantic relationship. This fun test tells you more about how jealous you are and if it's over the top or within the norm.

Top 3

Are you a tv addict?

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Nowadays, you can be addicted to many other things. It seems that tv addiction is on the rise. This fun but accurate test helps you to find out if your are a tv addict or not.

Top 4

Are you a control freak?

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Some people are very laid back and others need to control everything (and others) in their lives. This psychology test helps you to asses if you are a control freak.

Top 5

Do you need anger management

Who hasn't experienced anger in their lives? But some people get angry easily and it can get them into trouble. This psychology test is fun and helps you to know your level of anger.

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Psychology tests can help you understand yourself better and they don't always need to be serious. They can just be fun.

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