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ere are the top 5 iPod/iPhone games. iPod/iPhone games are very popular with all ages. Puzzles or action, iPod/iPhone games are a great way to kill time or relax and unwind after a stress filled day. There are so many games on the App Store, but which ones are the best? There is no price like free, so the apps here will all be free. If you discover one you haven't played before, go ahead and check it out by downloading it for free on the App Store! FYI: This list is not in order of funnest. They are all extremely fun! :-)

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Top 1

Temple Run

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Temple Run is a extremely popular app on the App Store for free. In Temple Run you play a character running away from several evil monkies, you are running along a path but there are many turns, gaps, and obstacles that you have to get past. Your goal is to get as many coins, and go as far as you can before you make a mistake and the evil monkies get you It is very highly addicting and if you have not played this before, don't hold back. It is really fun!

Top 2

Angry Birds Free

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Ok, so yeah, this one has a free version but also has a paid version available. But for now let's talk about the free version. In Angry Birds Lite you aim birds in slingshots to kill pigs, the pigs are surrounded by wood, ice, and rock. You have to break the wood, ice, and rock to get to the pigs, wood is easy to break, ice might take a few hits to break down, and you can't break rock. It comes with 12 fun levels! This game is also really addicting and a wonderful time killer. Very fun.

Top 3

Wedding Dash Lite

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In Wedding Dash, you play as Quinn, a wedding planner. You are in charge of picking out the wedding cake, the food, and the honeymoon spot based on the couple's preferences. Then you seat the geusts and serve them their food. They will have seating preferences. It may be hard to get everyone seated where they want to be and serve them their food before their patience runs out. This game is like Diner Dash or Hotel Dash or any of the other "Dashes" but this one is my favorite! You have to think fast for this game. It's very challenging. And very fun!

Top 4

Scoops Lite

In Scoops you tilt your device to move a cone to catch the falling scoops of ice cream, avoid the vegetables! Stack up multiple scoops of the same color to get a bonus. I've got to say this is a very fun game and perhaps a bit addicting too... great for long waits.

Top 5

Fruit Ninja Lite

In Fruit Ninja Lite, you slash fruit in half with your finger, 1 point for every slashed fruit. You can get bonus points by slashing multiple fruit at one time. If you let 3 unslashed fruit fall off the screen, game over. If you hit a bomb, game over. You can unlock 3 different blades and 3 different backgrounds. I like this game but you can only get up to 125 points in the lite version.

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I hope you found one or two new great iPod/iPhone games. And if not or you want to discover lots more great games you can go here to discover more.

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