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nfortunately, accidents at work are much more common than we would hope. Common workplace injuries include mild cuts, sprained joints from falls and back pain, usually cause by over exertion when lifting heavy objects. There are of course, much more serious injuries which may also occur making it vitally important that your employees receive adequate first aid training so that they can act appropriately in an emergency situation.
The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 state that, as an employer, you are required by law to provide adequate and appropriate first aid training, equipment, facilities and people so that, should they need it, your employees can receive the correct first aid treatment.

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Where your first aid kit is

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As part of your first aid training, all employees should be informed of where to find the nearest first aid kit, depending on where in your premises they work. Having access to a fully stocked first aid kit is vital in an emergency. There are no hard and fast rules as to what your first aid kit should include as what is “adequate and appropriate” depends heavily on the industry in which you work. However, a suitable stocked first aid kit is one of the basics of providing proper first aid provisions.Your first aid box should be green with a white cross and easily accessible to anyone who needs it. You should assess your own first-aid needs depending on your business and provide suitable first aid supplies.

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The recovery position

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If a person becomes unconscious then it is important to ensure they are placed safely in the recovery position; rolled on to their side with one leg higher than the other to aid breathing. The recovery position should not be sued however if a person is mid-seizure or has had a fall from a height, in which case the person must be kept still until paramedics can arrive.

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To put pressure on a wound

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Another basic first aid tip is to apply pressure to a wound which is bleeding. This can help to stem the blood flow until a bandage can be applied and further medical attention sought.

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While this should ideally be performed only by your designated first aider, if another employee feels comfortable performing CPR then the quicker it is begun the better. The act of pumping the heart for an unconscious person can keep them alive and improve their chances of recovery.

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this one is easy to remember and easy to do. If a fellow employee has a deep cut or has fallen and hurt their foot or ankle then elevation is key. Keeping the injured limb elevated can reduce swelling in sprained or broken joints and also slow blood flow in open wounds. Again, if the person has fallen from a great height, then should not be moved at all.

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Proper first aid administered quickly can reduce the risk of an employee’s injury leading to permanent disability or problems. However, it is still important that any employee receive medical treatment after first aid has been received.

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