Best Review - Top 5 Federal governments blunders

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United States Federal government made a lot of blunders. Here is just a small choice of the most recent Federal Government blunders. Somehow, in the last 300 years, Federal government forgot that they are here to serve the people and not the other way around. In their mighty and self-serving attitude, they commit blunder almost on a daily basis. Federal Franken-fish According to FDA, a genetically modified Salmon is "as safe to eat as food from other Atlantic salmon." Federally funded fun Government is finally using taxpayers' money for something fun and useful. Federal funds went towards sponsoring a strip club. The Fall of the American citizen Converting a citizen into a subject is easy. You just remove his right to bear arms. Before we withdraw, here is a $100 million prison President Obama promised that US is going to withdraw from Afghanistan and at the same time he wants to build a $100 million prison there. FBI's warning came only 7 months too late When you receive a warning from the FBI that something could happen, you should really ask for an expiry date of that information.
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I actually kind of agree

I actually kind of agree about the genetically modified Salmon. Flesh is flesh, its not like its going to merge with your DNA or anything. In fact, the genetically modified Salmon might be far safer to eat.

I find the example of the government sponsoring strippers funnier.