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hildren intuitively understand technology. We, as parents and educators, need to embrace this and make it part of their overall educational experience. Here are my recommendations for education apps for very young children. I recommend limiting the amount of time they use them, as creative play is still best for cognitive development at this stage.

These are some of my picks, by category, for educational apps for young children (ages 2-4). These are best for preschool children who are pre-readers. I chose these apps based on the experience of my 2.5 year old daughter and based my decision on mainly on her interest level and learning outcomes.

1. Toddler Jukebox: Twelve Children's Songs ($1.99)

As a music educator, it was difficult for me to narrow it down to just one, but I decided to go with Toddler Jukebox mainly because of the quality and care that went into the product. This app features 11 familiar children's songs and one original song, entitled Word by Word that encourages a love for reading. The interface is easy to manipulate for little children and they have the option of playing the songs at normal speed as well as slowing them down or speeding them up. It also lets you play the songs in the background while you use other apps. The only drawback to this app is that 12 songs just aren't enough.

2. Letter Quiz ($1.99)

My daughter used this app when she was 2 years old and absolutely loved it. She already recognized the letters of the alphabet, but the tracer feature allowed her to create these letters by tracing them with her finger. The fireworks and celebratory music makes her feel great about herself everytime she practices her printing. It also has a matching game where kids have to match lower case and uppercase letters. What would make this app even better is a feature that would allow children to spell words so they can work on their phonetic recognition and reading.

3. Coleco Three Little Pigs pop-up book ($4.99)

Some of us may remember Colecovision from our youth. Well they're back with an amazing storytime app. This is by far the best version of the story available for a tablet. It's completely interactive so children have to use their creativity and problem solving skills to find hidden items within the book. It's also told in a humorous way that even adults with like. My daughter and I both love when the sun says "Hotta than hot!" It's available in the lite and paid version. You will definitely get your money's worth in the paid version. Again, like Toddler Jukebox, I only wish there were more titles available for purchase as it definitely leaves you wanting more.

4. Tally Tots ($1.99)

In the math category, I definitely would go with Tally Tots for smaller children (up to age 3). It's a beautifully designed app with a lot of features. It goes all the way up to number 20 and includes a different activity for each number. Though it's purely a counting app and doesn't feature sorting or grouping, your toddler will love playing with it and will learn a catchy little tune for counting up to 20.

5. Math age 3-5 (Free for first module, $9.99 for all ten)

I decided to go with two math apps because I tend to spend a lot of time with my toddler doing math activities. As the mother of two daughters, I think math should be reinforced at an early age. The app features 10 different modules that teach math fundamentals. Parents will have to work with younger children to explain some of the more challenging concepts, but to me, that's a bonus. Once a child grasps a difficult concept, their confidence really goes through the roof. I'm going to invest the $9.99 and purchase all of the modules because I want my little one to get a head-start in math.

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Top 1

Toddler Jukebox: Twelve Children's Songs ($1.99)

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Your little one will enjoy listening to 9 famiilar songs plus one original song.

Top 2

Letter Quiz ($1.99)

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Teaches toddlers how to draw their letters from A to Z, as well as match upper and lower case letters.

Top 3

Coleco Three Little Pigs pop-up book ($4.99)

Best Review 8812

By far the best version of this story available in tablet form.

Top 5

Math age 3-5 (Free for first module, $9.99 for all ten)

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Teaming technology and traditional learning is a great strategy for this age group. I strongly advocate creative play and outdoor play, but make the most of the technology we have to enhance your toddler's learning.

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