Best Review - Top 5 Divorce Mediators in New York


hen we are young, in love, and feel as if we’re on top of the world, we may find ourselves getting married to the guy or gal of our dreams and we want that “forever” relationship. Unfortunately, we must live in reality and after we are married, settled in our careers, getting pulled in all directions including with the kids and their activities, there is not much left over and we may find ourselves just living and growing apart. Divorce may be inevitable and is always painful regardless of how amicable or well-intended we are towards the other person.

Just like the death of a family member or friend, divorce can catch us off guard by our spouse who suddenly blurts out the “D” word, divorce.It may be that you are facing some challenges regarding child support, spousal support, custody, visitation, parenting plan, real property and assets, and money. Typically, in cases such as these, you have two main choices: arbitration and mediation.

For arbitration, the third party is a neutral and acts like a judge instead of a referee. The other option is mediation as a way of solving disputes out of court. The mediator is a neutral person who listens to what you say and will help you find an agreement that is acceptable for both parties.

Top 5 Divorce Mediators in New York
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The Sabra Law Group

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Located in midtown Manhattan, SLG is a matrimonial and family law firm providing services to couples and individuals desiring an outcome that is beneficial to them and their children. The firm’s practice areas include premarital, real estate, and matrimonial and the services include divorce, family law, and mediation. The SLG firm can answer all of your questions concerning divorce mediation.

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Susan Ingram Mediation & Coaching

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With over 30 years experience as a mediator, coach, and lawyer, Ms. Ingram is passionate about enabling people to create positive change in their lives. She offers mediation for divorce, family, parents of special needs children, and family business.

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Amy L Reiss, Esq.

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With over 25 years experience, this firm focuses on achieving efficient and timely resolutions which are centered on negotiated settlements, mediation, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Ms. Reiss brings additional financial expertise to the negotiating table.The professional service offerings include mediator and certified divorce financial analyst.

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Taking control over the direction of your future by mediating your divorce requires someone trained to improve communications and help you brainstorm all available options before making decisions. An experienced divorce mediator located in Brooklyn, Rachel Green can provide neutral ground for negotiation and provides you the information you need to find the right solution to resolution.

Top 5

Access Resources

This conflict management firms provides workplace and disability-related mediation and coaching for various types of clients including small business, government agencies, corporations, labor unions, non-profits, and individuals alike. Ms. Judith Cohen is their mediator, trainer, and consultant who have the skills, understanding and optimism to help people and organizations in conflict work things out.

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