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ooking for a divorce lawyer is not something that will feature highly on your list of things to do, until it becomes an essential item. Sadly as many as fifty percent of marriages will end in failure and the failure rate can actually be even higher for subsequent marriages!

Whether you have children, valuable assets, or both, you will need the services of a local law firm to ensure you receive a fair deal, no matter what the reason for the separation.

The best law firms will attempt to resolve the issue via mediation; this is the process of bringing both parties together to discuss the details and agree on a settlement deal. This is done under the watchful eye of a mediator; it is quicker and substantially cheaper than resolving the matter in court. It also offers the advantage of both parties being able to make contributions and concessions to bring a mutually agreeable solution. It is then drawn up by the lawyers and becomes legally binding.

The alternative is court where both parties lose much of the control in the decision making process. Divorces settled in court often lead to difficulties with parts of the agreement. This can place strain on what is often a difficult relationship.

If you live in the vicinity of Allentown, Pennsylvania then the following top five divorce lawyers may prove useful to you:

Top Five Divorce Lawyers In Allentown,PA
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Eidelman & Associates

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This firm is based in Allentown and was founded by Mary J. Eidelman who has over thirty years of experience in dealing with all aspects of family law. The firm deals exclusively in this area of the law and has earned an excellent reputation as the best place to have high net worth cases resolved.

Wherever possible the firm will seek to resolve the issue before it reaches the courts, Mary J. Eidelman is a certified mediator and divorce master. More information in their service and expertise can be found by visiting their website.

Top 2

Shulman & Shabbick

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The lawyers at this well established firm have over seventy five years worth of combined experience. They cover all aspects of the law, including divorce and will deal with every case in a sympathetic and understanding manner. They have several offices and four attorneys who are available to offer assistance as and when required.

Top 3

Leighton Cohen

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This law firm is owned and run by Leighton Cohen who has over thirty five years of experience in all matters of the law. He will handle divorce cases, child custody, domestic violence, bankruptcy, personal injury and even criminal cases; all with an understanding yet fair approach.

Top 4


This is a family run business which was first established in 1974 by Bart M. Beier. It has since grown to include his wife and son, both qualified and experienced lawyers. The firm is dedicated to providing the best possible experience in what is always going to be a difficult situation. Whilst they are capable of handling any legal issue, Mary Beier specializes in the area of family law.

Top 5

The ERB Law Firm

Should you visit this firm’s website - you will note that they deal with almost every aspect if the law. The firm has six well qualified lawyers, each specializing in different areas of the law; they will be able to assist with you divorce needs.

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