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here are a number of factors that set one divorce attorney apart from the rest. One of the best ways to choose the person who will represent you during an often stressful and emotional time is by looking at their experience and listening to the testimonials of previous clients. Below is a listing of the top 5 divorce attorneys in Louisiana who have gotten the same successful results in other cases that you want for your own.

The Top 5 Divorce Attorneys in Louisiana
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Pamela N. Breedlove

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Licensed to practice in Louisiana and Georgia since 1992, Pamela Breedlove began her practice primarily as a litigating attorney. Her experience extends to a broad range of areas including those under the heading of Family Law. As a divorce attorney, Breedlove has an in-depth understanding of the emotional issues surrounding divorce and how sensitive these issues can be. She facilitates communication between disputing spouses to help them reach the best resolution through mediation whenever possible or through litigation if parties are unable to reach a peaceful resolution. Questions about the mediation process are answered on the website so that spouses can decide if negotiating their divorce is a possibility that will cost them less time, money and conflict.

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Robert C.Lowe

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Attorney Lowe has thirty-five years of experience as a Board Certified Family Law Specialist. His practice extends to prenuptial agreements, child custody and visitation, division of marital property, and spousal and child support. Attorney Lowe’s area of expertise is in representing high profile clients in a manner that is discreet yet aggressive.

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Richard T. Gallagher Jr

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The goal of the Gallagher Law Firm is to protect spouses and their kids from the traumas that often accompany divorce. He provides information to divorcing spouses via a downloadable book called “Divorce Done Right” which includes an email course that helps divorcing spouses make good decisions about ending their marriage.

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Betsy A.Fischer

Betsy A. Fisher devotes her practice to family law, implementing more than twenty years of experience. In addition to her expertise as a skilled trial attorney, Fischer is also experienced as a domestic and juvenile mediator. The goal of the Law Firm of Betsy A. Fischer strives to provide the service to alleviate the complexities of divorce by providing the answers to questions that prevent clients from being overwhelmed.

Top 5

Stephen Rue

Stephen Rue is a Quick Divorce attorney who offers a low-cost alternative to those processes that take place in litigation. For Louisiana residents who are going through an uncontested divorce, they may benefit from paying a flat fee and never having to appear in court.

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Getting the right divorce attorney will depend on your personal situation and whether both spouses are willing to work out all of their issues or there are areas of conflict that you can’t get past. Mediation is a considerable cheaper method of divorce that also makes less of an impact on the kids involved and allows you to make decisions based on their well-being. For many couples, the best divorce attorney is the one who is skilled at mediation and litigation so they are well-represented for any outcome.

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