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he cost of doing business these days requires sound leadership and technological savvy to successfully navigate the rapidly changing advances which could spell financial disaster unless it is adequately harnessed. To streamline a business or processes, many organizations have decided to forego the capital expenses instead and choose to pay for what’s used such as desktops as a service or DaaS. For many organizations, the results may be immediate with reduced costs, flexibility, and ease of administration.
Regardless of the seemingly positive results which can be gained by DaaS, businesses are still reluctant to make the necessary changes. By moving the desktop from the office to the cloud means that once the technology is more familiar and acceptable, the real benefits of putting DaaS in the cloud can begin. This gives organizations the ability to access data from anywhere or any time via the Internet and helps to facilitate a truly mobile workforce.

Today one primary concern for a company is security and this may be the single most important issue to get beyond and to entrust DaaS to a market leader who will work to build on trust and implement sound principles. For some, cost is the real motivator from moving to the cloud and security may be their reason to definitely stay out including the enterprise.

In previous years, the business concern that was most prevalent was with latency. With the ubiquitous availability of high-speed Internet for both fixed and mobile users, this concern has become non-existent. In fact, VMware, for example, offers various tiers of service that can even accommodate 3D graphics and video. To help alleviate any unjust fears, an investment into the operation of DaaS would be beneficial and an investment before deciding on embarking. It may be most helpful to compare and contrast the cost benefits between the existing system and enterprise and the “to be” solution. At the end of the day, fears should give way to understanding and eventually the eureka moment when it just makes good business sense
There are many choices as there are reasons for moving to the cloud and taking the leap with Daas but be certain that you choose a market leader with knowledge and experience. For example, co-founders of Cloud Connect LLC, Michael Guigli and Robert Bellotti, offer clients virtual desktop and server cloud solutions for small businesses and individuals that reduce IT costs and improves reliability and collaboration.

Top 5 Desktop As A Service Solutions
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CloudConnect - Desktop as a Service

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This industry leader is the only provider of a comprehensive and turn-key DaaS solution. It doesn’t get any simpler and within minutes, partners deploy a comprehensive Windows desktop environment and install the necessary applications, providing a scalable and reliable desktop environment for any organization.
There’s no reason now why your devices and platforms can’t be support with a user friendly Windows-based virtual desktop which allows users to access applications, files, and folders from any device, anywhere. You can enjoy the look and feel of a local PC but without any complications or additional training. All that is needed is to install third-party line-of-business applications and then select the appropriate Microsoft desktop and server applications. Once installed, all that the end-users need to do is to log in using their assigned credentials.

CloudConnect utilizes the latest in VMware and Citrix technologies along with many other enterprise-grade technologies and software for effective management, replication, and delivery of complex client environments.

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There are three service tiers for monthly pay-as-you-go business users and there is a minimum order of 50 users with a choice of both monthly or annual billing cycles and volume discounts. VMware offers a free seven day trial of their DaaS offering for prospective buyers.

VMware's Horizon Air can provide users with a Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual desktop. For a server OS, prices include licensing. For Windows 7 or 8 users, clients are required to bring their own licenses. The cloud-hosted desktops can be integrated with Active Directory.

Desktops can be persistent or non-persistent and utilize the personal computer over Internet Protocol (PCoIP). The service is provided by VMware or authorized service providers. Clients are advised to check with pricing because variances may occur without advance notice on which option you choose and the services offered.

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Amazon WorkSpaces

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Their latest DaaS offerings includes WorkSpaces by Amazon. This system only delivers the Windows 7 Experience via Windows Server 2008 R2; however, as a result of Microsoft's SPLA, no other licensing is needed and Active Directory integration is available too.

There are several pricing tiers for a monthly cost depending on hardware and software options and there are no order minimums. WorkSpaces is based on a version of the open-source Xen hypervisor, providing only persistent desktops, and utilizing the PCoIP protocol.

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Citrix XenDesktop offers Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows XP, 7, 8 client desktops. It runs on the HDX protocol, and service can be obtained through authorized service providers.

One may wonder why Microsoft is not in this discussion. Microsoft has its Azure RemoteApp platform, however, it is not a complete DaaS solution as it only serves applications from the cloud, not desktops. Some analysts suggest this may be due to complex licensing issues that still need to be resolved. In any case, the company appears to be waiting on the sidelines at this time.

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Cisco Desktop

Cisco has successfully deployed DaaS solutions on proven data center, network, and cloud architectures. They are scalable and adapt easily to your changing business requirements. As a Citrix partner, Cisco leads in desktop and application virtualization and they can assist their clients with predictable monthly expenses, freedom and flexibility associated with DaaS, and provide support for daily operations and staff during a disruption.

They are also VMware partners and can provide service and support for the Desktone by VMware as an established and trusted DaaS solution. This technology was designed and built from the ground up to deliver desktops and applications as a cloud service.

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