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op-selling Deluxe Real Steel toys from the movie staring Hugh Jackman (Wolverine). Learn the Real Steel robot names and see the signature move for each of these 8 inch tall, highly-articulated action figures. You can also get 3 different play sets for role-playing robot games, in the World Robot Boxing league.

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Real Steel Figure Wave 1 Midas

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Midas has a fiber-optic mohawk haircut, and he's a "gold-blooded" killer covered in golden armor.

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Real Steel Figure Wave 1 Zeus

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Zeus was the champion in the first Real Steel movie (Atom was the people's choice). When the sequel is released, then we'll see if Zeus can hold onto his title in World Robot Boxing.

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Real Steel Figure 2 Pack Atom Vs. Twin Cities

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Twin Cities, the robot with two heads, and the #3 robot from the Real Steel movie. The best way to find the Deluxe 8 inch robot toy is to buy the "Versus" 2-pack sold along with the Atom robot.

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Real Steel Deluxe Feature Figures Wave 1 Atom V1

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Atom is the star robot of the movie and the underdog in the boxing ring. This is version 1 of the Atom robot after he's been trained by Charlie to mimic his punches. The other version of Atom is listed in Top 5 "Basic" Real Steel action figure toys.

Top 1

Real Steel Figure Wave 1 Noisy Boy

Noisy Boy is the most popular toy from the Real Steel movie, based on sales. His cool blue-metal skin with LED readouts, and his signature move (the Cyclone Strike) make him the top robot toy from Real Steel. JAKKS Pacific produces the toys and they remain popular from the time they were released in October, through the Holidays and again when the movie was issue on DVD in March.

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Four "Deluxe" Real Steel robots were released in Wave 1, and there's four more Deluxe bots in the second series--Wave 2.

This is a list of the best 8 inch tall "Deluxe" movie figures. "Basic" figures from Real Steel are 5 inches tall. If you buy online, the product description usually lists the height of the toys. Search for "Deluxe" figures check to make sure you have the right size.

See the next article in the series for the Top 5 "Basic" Real Steel action figure toys.

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