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elray Beach is a beautiful coastal city in Florida. Called “Florida’s Village by the Sea”, the city serves as home to more than 109,000 residents with a median age of 55. I-95 runs through the middle of town and is the longest main street in the state. People from a broad range of age, education and family statuses look for the ideal home for their needs in Delray. The only way to make sure you find the home that you will be happy in is to get the services of a Delray Beach realtor who has a great deal of experiences in the area. Following is a list of the top 5 realtor’s to choose from.

Top 5 Delray Beach Realtors
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Delray Lisa & Danielle

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Lisa and Danielle rely on a lifetime of knowledge and their understanding that buying or selling a home is a life-changing experience. They know the value of research, innovation, and consumer education, and the part they play in making a good choice. They put clients first and stay in communication with them constantly throughout the entire buying and selling process. Their primary goal is to provide clients with a satisfying selling or buying experience whether they are buying a luxury second home or the perfect place to start their family. Visit -

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This real estate company boasts the lowest published error rate of any home-value estimate of any other Delray Beach realtor. They offer full-service agents to answer questions and guide you through the buying or purchasing process and provide online tools to help you find the home of your dreams.

Top 3

J Alexander Real Estate Group

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J Alexander entered into real estate in 2005 since which time his real estate team has been nominated as one of the top 2014 real estate teams for their achievements. Previous clients appreciate his ambitiousness at getting their houses sold and completing the closing process on or before the contractual date.

Top 4

Boca Luxury Realty

As their name implies, this Delray Beach realtor specializes in premier real estate. The real estate agents help clients find luxury homes that make them feel like they have found their dream match from the time they walk through the front door. They will help you sell or buy a home according to your criteria and ensure you get the best home in the setting that is right for you to live your life.

Top 5

Zip Realty

Zip Realty uses the tools available online to offer a streamlined real estate process that saves their clients money. Their website offers a step-by-step approach to buy or sell a house.

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Nothing is more important than choosing a Delray Beach realtor to help you with the buying or selling process to get you the best results. Whether you want to find your dream home where you will live for a lifetime, make a good investment into a rental property, or find the perfect home away from home, the experience of your Delray Beach realtor makes all the difference.

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