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here are a lot of cool foods and recipes out there but these top 5 cool recipes will leave you wanting more. Some of them are common and some with combination that may seem....original. but they all taste great. Growing up in a non Italian home probably doesn't qualify me to even remotely sound like a pasta expert but fortunately I married into an Italian family. That said, I'll go with the recommended dishes that many of you are sure to absolutley love. It is not always the main dishes that wow but sometimes some quite simple fare can really please, so these dishes follow that ideal and are all quite simple dishes that you could make in a snao with minimal effort. Think of these dishes as simple, COllege" dorm food and you will not be far off. They are simple and easy to cook, but they also happen to taste absolutely wonderful, so enjoy these wonderful dishes.

top 5 cool recipes
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Chicken in pancakes

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Chicken and pancakes may not always seem to go together, but they are really a wonderful dish that simply tastes great.

Top 2

Bacon and Tuna

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This bacon and Tuna recipe is simply to die for! MAybe you think that bacon and tuna do not go together. But if you think that...your thinking is wrong. They go together like white and rice. It is a simply fantastic dish that you will love.

Top 3

Welsh Rarebit

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If you have never tried Welsh Rarebit, you are simply missing out. This is a wonderful (but fattening) dish that you are sure to love. Definetly worth checking out. It is a great dish with a lot going for it!

Top 4

Healthy Chicken Soup

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A healthy fix to a cold, this chicken soup recipe tastes great and works wonders on a sick body. You cannot do much better than a great (ad simple) Chicken soup recipe. UMMM It is Good! It is sometimes hard to break that barrier where something is both good tasting and good for you, bjut chicken soup does that, add that to the fact that it is also quite simple to prepare and that you ca keep whole pots of it ready for simple reheating once you have made it and you can see whit a simple chicken soup can be something that you might wabt to find out how to make expediiously

Top 5

How to make Iced Coffee

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You are going to need something to wash this all down, and this iced coffee is wonderful for just that perfect hot summer day, or a a beverage to wash down a great meal. Good stuff! It is makeing me thirsty right now!

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