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odern society has become increasingly dependent on technology; however, much of this technology relies on the movement of electrically charged particles. The movement of these particles creates electromagnetic waves; they are also known as electromagnetic radiation as these waves are able to travel through air, space and even other objects. The majority of modern equipment emits these radiation waves; including your TV, Radio, mobile phone and even your microwave.

Research has now provided a link between excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation and a variety of chronic illnesses, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. As these electromagnetic waves can penetrate the body as easily as the air it is highly likely that you have already experienced electromagnetic radiation to some degree. Scientists have even speculated that the cells inside the human body communicate with each other through a similar mechanism and this is part of the reason why this radiation is so damaging.

Excessive use of a mobile phone or living near a powerful source of electromagnetic radiation will make it more likely that you will be affected by this; mobile phones are becoming recognized as a particular problem as they emit a high frequency radio wave; similar to microwaves. It has been established that the electromagnetic waves generated by a mobile phone can penetrate as far as two inches into the brain.
Whilst governments are starting to become aware of the issues and looking at appropriate action there are several companies who already provide products which offer electromagnetic radiation shielding. Many of these products are specifically designed for use with mobile phones as these are held so close to the human body.

The top five companies offering these products are:

Top 5 Companies Offering Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding
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This company specialises in offering the best possible electromagnetic radiation shielding products. Each of the products has been designed and extensively tested to ensure it provides the best protection possible. They provide three main types of device; the smallest one protects against harm from small items such as mobile phones. The second one will protect against larger household appliances, such as microwaves and the third one offers a protection against universal risks and is designed to be effective in conjunction with any other device.

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This company has been established for several years and offers a complete range of shielding products; whether for the home, your mobile or even your office. They offer paint, wallpaper, curtains and even grounding accessories. They are also involved in researching and developing new products which will help to protect people in the future.

They also offer a range of other accessories which can be beneficial to your health.

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This site provides reviews on a variety of personal protection devices; it also provides you with a link to each of these products to find out more information and purchase them; if required.

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This website provides a host of information on the range of electromagnetic radiation shielding products available on the market and how best to protect yourself from the effects of this radiation. The company offers meters for assessing the exposure rate, bed canopies and even plastic films for use on glass surfaces.

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This site provides a wealth of information regarding the effects of electromagnetic radiation and the variety of methods which can be utilized to protect yourself from the effects of this radiation. The creator of this site completed his own research as long ago as 1964 and developed the diode formula; all their products are based upon this research and can be worn, no matter what activity you are undertaking.

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