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lutter. Every time you think you are on top of the situation, breathe a sigh of relief and relax a little, (even for just a short while) it builds up again, sending you into a whirlwind decluttering frenzy. So how do you keep up with the clutter? What can you do to make life easier and less stressful where clutter is concerned? Sometimes it’s the little things that help the most. Here are 5 clutter free hacks you are sure to love!

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Decluttering Routine

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Most of us do not have time to do a big tidy up every day, and quite frankly who would want to, so make yourself a mini routine, easy things you can do each day that can help to make your house a clutter free home. Make the beds before you come downstairs in the morning, it takes just a few minutes yet the difference in a room is huge. As a bed is such a huge piece of furniture it can dominate a room and a messy bed can be all you see, so straighten the cover and plump the pillows for an instant effect.

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One in one out

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Perhaps you have already spent time decluttering your home, so now the important thing is not to allow the clutter to build up again. When you buy something new get rid of something following the one in one out rule. Donate the items that are leaving as soon as you can so you are not tempted to incorporate them back into your life.

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Paper clutter

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Be organised with your mail, open new mail next to the bin and place any junk, the envelope and anything that you don’t need (unless it needs shredding) straight into the bin before it even has a chance to clutter up your house. Have a couple of filling trays nearby as well one for items that need actioning and one for items you just need to file. Once a week go through both trays and empty them. Nobody really enjoys paperwork which is why it can build up and cause clutter, so make it more manageable.

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Children’s toys

Children’s birthdays and Christmas can result in a huge number of new toys; you struggle for days to find homes for it all. Make the space before their birthday throw out anything that is broken and put anything that is in good condition but no longer played with, or that is too young for them to one side and donate or sell it on. Then when they open all their new toys you should have plenty of space for them.

Top 5

Keep Your House Beautiful

With so much technology in our lives there are often wires everywhere. There are some great ways to tidy them away and make everything look neater from a simple plastic or even cardboard tube, to bulldog clips on the edge of your desk to hold them out of sight. Of you could make a feature of them by securing a Lego brick to your furniture, adding a Lego figure and clipping a wire into each of his hands.

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With these great clutter free hacks, you’ll soon be enjoying a tidy, beautiful looking house.

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