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one are the days when tuning a guitar had to be done in a quiet room with a set of tuning forks. Electric guitar tuners are now very affordable, and no guitar owner should be without one. Electric guitar tuners allow you to tune your guitar with complete accuracy, and some of the clip-on tuners can also be used to tune your guitar in the middle of a session while in a noisy atmosphere. This list shows some of the most popular guitar tuners, you can find more reviews as well at Best Guitar Tuners.

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Snark SN-1 Guitar Tuner

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The Snark SN-1 is one of the most popular guitar tuners on the market today. It clips securely onto the headstock of the guitar, and can be rotated through 360 degrees to provide clear viewing from any angle. Suitable also for tuning bass guitars, this has a pitch calibration of 415-466Hz, and a built in metronome. With a clear visual display, this tuner can be used during practice sessions as well as during live gigs and is highly recommended. The Snark SN-1 guitar tuner is powered by a CR2 battery.

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Korg AW2G Clip-on Chromatic Guitar Tuner

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The Korg AW2G guitar tuner clips onto the guitar headstock and has a double ball joint that allows the display to be rotated so that you can view it from any angle. It's internal backlight allows you to clearly see the display, even during a concert on a dimly lit stage, and when no sound is present it will automatically switch to a power saving mode. The Korg AW2G clip-on guitar tuner is powered by a Lithium ion battery.

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Intellitouch PT10 Mini Clip-On Tuner

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The people who designed the Intellitouch PT10 clip-on tuner thought of practically everything, and this is an amazing tuner. It's small enough to easily fit into an instrument case, can be used to tune not only guitars but also Mandolins, Banjos, Basses etc, and it's backlit screen means that it's easy to view even in an environment where the light is low. Since the tuner responds to the vibration of the instrument rather than analysing the sound, any background noise is ignored, and so it can be used to tune a guitar in between songs. The backlight color changes from red to green when your instrument is in tune, and this amazing guitar tuner also comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

Top 4

SNARK SN8 Clip on Super Tight All Instrument Tuner

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Snark claims that this is their best guitar tuner yet. It's small, it's accurate, fast to calibrate, and comes with extra features including a tap tempo metronome, super tight tuning and pitch calibration. The Snark SN8 clip-on guitar tuner is powered by a CR2 battery.

Top 5

Intelli IMT-600 Guitar, Violin and Chromatic Clip-on Tuner

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The Intelli IMT-600 tuner can be used to tune not only guitars but also violins and other stringed instruments. The tuner clips on to the head of the instrument, and uses the vibrations to determine whether it is in tune or not, which means that since it doesn't tune it by listening to the sound, any background noise like you get during a concert is ignored. This is an updated version of the IMT-500 which includes a mode selector, allowing you to choose between Chromatic, Violin and Guitar modes. This tuner is powered by a CR2032 battery (included) and automatically powers itself off after 3 minutes.

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