Best Review - Top 5 Choices For A Dog School In Hillsborough, North Carolina


very dog breed and individual dog has a personality all its own. Some dogs exhibit behavioral problems from an early age while others may develop them later in life. Others can benefit from learning some manners that their owners may not understand how to instill. Sending your dog to dog school in Hillsborough can help you enjoy a better relationship with your pet and make him happier at the same time. It is important to note that different dog schools use a variety of methods to train dogs.

These are the top 5 choices with regards to training techniques and other services.

Top 5 Choices For A Dog School In Hillsborough, North Carolina
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Top Dog Training Resort

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This dog school in Hillsborough uses a combination of techniques to train dogs of every age and level. In addition to their training facility, they also offer a boarding school program where they keep your dog for training for 3 weeks. Another option is their drop-off and pick-up service. The school uses climbing and jumping equipment along with training games to keep dogs engaged with trainers while they run off energy that can otherwise lead to misbehavior. Check out their variety of offerings and choose the best option for your schedule.

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Camp Bow Wow

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This dog school is located in Durham, less than twenty minutes from Hillsborough. They offer reward-based dog training in group settings or in private lessons either one-on-one with the trainer or with you and your dog. Classes are open to various levels from basic fundamentals to those that are advanced.

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Cheery Dogs Dog Training

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This Chapel Hill dog training facility also serves as a dog school for Hillsborough dog owners who want basic behavior teaching for their dogs. Their classes in the park allow dog owners to get out with their dogs and learn how to become effective leaders. Classes focus on basic behaviors such as sit, stay, and leash walking along with building a bond with your pet so your dog always comes to you happily when called.

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Raleigh Dog Trainers

This school teaches pets the basics while also offering therapy training for dogs to be used in therapy. In addition to training classes, they offer dog training camp for two weeks and in-home training for those who are unable to attend at the facility.

Top 5

Paw in Hand

Basic training classes are offered at this dog school, including puppy kindergarten. Get puppies off to a great start through socialization, management and training that will help puppies develop good behaviors. The school focuses on provided humane training for family companion dogs. They believe that dogs are important family members and that training will help make them a bigger part of our lives.

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Choosing the right dog school in Hillsborough is an important first step to get any dog or puppy started towards a happier, more content life. This article should serve as a valuable resource to help you make the right decision.

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