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hen choosing a cash and card holder, men and women both tend to look first at the features that will make organizing their belongs easiest. Someone who carries a lot of credit cards, ID cards and other similar items may tend to go for those wallets that have a lot of individual slots to keep each card separate. Others may lean more towards keeping cash fully extended in order to make it easy to find. More people are finding the advantages of minimal wallets to carry their cash and cards without making it more difficult than ever to find what they need at a moment’s notice. These are the top 5 cash and card holders based on easy organization, access and great looks!

Top 5 Cash and Card Holders
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Nada Wallet

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Nada Wallet is a super minimal wallet that holds cash and cards securely without a lot of added materials. Just fold cash in half, place cards inside, and the wallet forms a secure band around them. When money or a card is needed, you just take the bundle out of the wallet, open it, and take out what you need. The Nada Wallet is also really affordable and comes in a great color selection that is good for men and women. Now, you can get a Nada Wallet to match the color of your iPhone case.

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Naked Wallet

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The Naked Wallet is another super minimally designed wallet that is designed to do away with bulky wallets and all the unnecessary clutter that tends to find its way there. Its sophisticated leather design is as attractive as it is functional. The reasonable cost means you can have a different color for every purse or just choose one basic color to coordinate with everything.

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The Dash Wallet

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This new and improved wallet from Steven Elliot is made from leather and elastic with a separate quickdraw slot where you can place the cards that you use the most. A slot in the front of the wallet lets you push the card out without opening the main compartment.

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This holder is a minimal bifold wallet that is made with two internal pockets. The exterior is water-resistant canvas with a single piece of calfskin leather between them. While the size is minimal at 4.3” x 2.7”, the price is on the high-end. This is a good choice if you want a single quality wallet that will last.

Top 5

Quality Mending Company

As its name indicates, this minimal wallet is made in the shape of a small envelope. It is constructed of English Bridle leather to make it soft and has a brass hardware front closure for durability. Simple design and intermediate cost are the best features while a choice of only three basic colors eliminates the option for personalizing.

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A cash and card holder is not only a more attractive option to traditional wallets but they also keep cash and credit cards more secure. Choose the simplest design to get the greatest advantage of a minimal design.

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