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n spite of the many litigation cases that are tossed around these days, many commercial litigation issues are not trivial and most are disruptive to the business’ bottom line and weigh heavily on the minds of the C-suite management. If a business has commercial litigation attorneys on staff, they are focused on business interest including contracting, compliance matters, patent disputes, and mergers and acquisitions. The on-staff attorney is the go-to person who is prepared to focus on addressing these issues so everyday operations aren't sidelined.
The daily news usually includes some form of fraud and security breaches due to negligence or inadequate protection of data with many organizations including government. In cases of fraud, the attorneys can help to fight against disputes as they arise and ensure that the organization if following regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities.At the heart of any business are the contracts – with anyone or organization including vendors, suppliers, service companies, and employees, for example.

Here are five business litigation attorneys in the Atlanta area to consider:

Business Litigation Attorney
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Scott A. Schweber Business Litigation Attorney

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An accomplished trial attorney, Mr. Schweber has achieved significant success on behalf of his clients and represents individuals and business in trials, arbitrations, mediations, and appeals in Georgia. Practice areas include business litigation, torts, contract and shareholder disputes, civil litigation, class actions, Georgia Tort Claims Act, commercial collections, labor and material liens, lien discharge bonds, and many more disputes, litigation, negligence, losses, claims, as well as personal injury, wrongful death, sexual harassment, and childhood sexual abuse cases.

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Heyman & Sizemore, LLC

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With over 60 years of experience, Heyman & Sizemore, LLC is well known for its integrity and dedication to outstanding legal representation and is primarily engaged in civil litigation with an emphasis in real estate, personal injury, wrongful death, contracts, insurance and commercial disputes. We also represent and assist our corporate clients as creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

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Robert J. Fleming, Attorney at Law

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The firm of R.J. Fleming specializes in wrongful death, serious personal injury, medical malpractice and dental malpractice. Mr. Fleming has successfully tried numerous cases to verdict, resulting in millions of dollars of recovery to his clients. In addition, Mr. Fleming has obtained substantial confidential settlements for his clients in numerous serious personal injury, medical malpractice and business cases.

Top 4

Knight Johnson Attorneys at Law

This firm specializes in business disputes, contract litigation, real estate litigation, construction litigation and landlord - tenant litigation. The firm is known for its innovative and aggressive trial strategy, which has produced favorable results for clients.

Top 5

The Childs Law Firm LLC

For over 13 years, Ms. Kimberly Childs’ practice has helped her clients turn their anger into action when many business disputes involve one of three things: ownership, money, or control. She represents business owners whose business partnerships are no longer viable. Her practice focuses on negotiating and litigating the break-up of multi-owner privately held businesses.

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