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ometimes there are certain songs that sound better when recorded for live albums as oppose to studio albums.

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Still in Love With You by Thin Lizzy

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This song when listening to original version, it was a bluesy type of song that featured Gary Moore on vocals. It did not appeal as much. However, listening to the song on the Live and Dangerous version, it sounded great. Great vocals by Phil Lynott, emotional performance, and amazing guitar solo at the end. This version become the most popular.

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Lights Out by UFO

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Strangers in the Night is considered the band's finest work. A live record featuring many songs that sounded great live than studio version. Lights out is a good example. There is good energy and vibe listening to the Strangers in the Night version with the intensity of the guitar solos by the great Michael Schenker. As soon as you hear lights out Chicago, you knew the energy of that show.

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I Want You to Want Me by Cheap Trick

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This is easily the most recognizable version. The studio version is a honky tonk piano song at almost slow tempo. Live at Budokan by Cheap Trick showed this version at high tempo, great energy, and better arrangement of the song and this version is still being played in classic rock radio.

Top 4

Rock and Roll All Night by Kiss

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Kiss Alive record showed the early use of live albums showcasing better live songs. Rock and Roll All Night is the one song that is being played on heavy rotation on classic rock radio. The live version brings the vibe that you're at the show and feel the energy and the environment of a rock concert. It featured guitar solo that was not featured in studio version.

Top 5

Baby I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton

Frampton Comes Alive is another classic example of songs that sound better live than studio. Songs like Show me the way and Do you feel like we do. Baby I love your way brought better love emotions than the studio version and the song is again played in classic rock radio as a live version.

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