Best Review - Top 5 Best Trombones for Beginners That Are Under $1000


his is a list of my favorite beginner trombones that you can get from Amazon for under $1000. When first starting out on the trombone you do not want to spend a fortune (think $3-5000 here) on an instrument that you might not get on with too well. I've got a nice selection of trombones that range from the $180 mark to about $1100. If you're brand new to the trombone then heading for the cheaper side is a better option, the trombones are still of good quality but are not perfected in their tone or might not have an f attachment on them. On the other hand you may have been playing trombone for a little while and have decided that you really like then instrument and that you want to get serious about playing. I would then recommend a trombone on the higher price range as they will have the F attachment and a much better quality and sound to them.

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Top 1

Jazz Trombone

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This trombone is a great pick for a musician looking to focus on jazz.

Top 2

Classical Trombone

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A trombone for the classically minded student.

Top 3

Popular Music Trombone

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For the player who prefers popular music.

Top 4

Marching Band Trombones

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This is a great pick for a marching band trombone.

Top 5

General Trombone

For the player who likes a bit of everything or who hasn't decided where they want to specialize.

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