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ober living has become an important part of the recovery process for those who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction. It offers them a safe environment away from influences and triggers that often lead to relapse during the first 30 to 90 days after rehab is complete. There are numerous facilities to choose from around the country and the choice you make for yourself or a loved one is important. The right environment, treatment, and approach to recovery are important factors to consider. Sometimes finding a facility that is a good fit will require you to travel away from home. This listing of the 5 best facilities in the country will help you find a good fit without traveling too far.

The 5 Best Sober Living Facilities in the Country
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NuVu Sober Living House

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This women’s sober living house is on the west coast, on the West Side of LA in Mar Vista, California. It offers guests easy access to 12-step meetings, gyms, and beaches along with many of the traditional attractions that come with a coastal location. The goal of NuVu is to offer guests a comfortable, safe and home-like environment where they can learn to exhibit responsibility, abstinence and personal growth. All guest benefit from a 12-step approach and support in achieving personal growth while seeking employment and/or education.

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Serenity House

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Located in New York City, Serenity House focuses on providing clients with a “true transition.” Their approach to recovery extends to those who are battling all types of addiction problems including alcohol, smoking and internet junkies. They provide clients with unrivaled in comfort and beauty, support, and security.

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Red Mountain Sedona

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For those in the northern U.S. who want the best living sober facility for their recovery, Red Mountain Sedona in Fargo, North Dakota is a premier aftercare treatment center. They are a premier facility that has become one of the most successful in the nation. Their Clean and Sober Living program helps their guests maintain their strength against addiction while receiving the structure and support they need to recover.

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Westlake Recovery

Located in the Southern part of the country in Austin, Texas, Westlake promises their guests the most affordable, upscale sober living for men or women. They also offer the most extensive recovery services in an upscale facility with a wide range of amenities.

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ARCH Men’s Halfway House

The A.R.C.H. is a men’s sober living facility in Omaha, Nebraska that offers men who are recovering from addiction a somewhat central location in the nation. They provide a wide variety of services, including finding and maintaining full-time employment, group therapy, and the development of life skills. Unlike some facilities, they focus on the first 10 steps of a 12-step program and provide person-centered treatment plans.

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Sober living is an essential step in the recover from addiction. Finding the right fit in a facility will help you get the most benefit from your time there and give you a solid foundation to build your future without addiction.

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