Best Review - Top 5 Best new Poems From Artyfax (July 2012)


ere at last, new poems from Artyfax. I recently wrote a list of my favourite poems written many years ago and following this I decided to start writing again. Mainly for fun and the creative exercise. I challenged myself to write a poem a day - I did not put a time limit on the project but decided to see how it would run. I was hoping that I would be able to reach a number of objectives by this challenge:-

*It would give me the practice at writing I badly needed
*It would increase the total number of poems which I was creating
*I would increase and diversify the subjects that I wrote about
*In doing this, I would not have to write a "classic" everytime, so would not feel under pressure when composing any poems that I was writing.

So here are a few of these newer poems, specifically five of my favourites from July 2012.

statue of a buddha meditating
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Inspired by a visit to Glastonbury with my family; although the weather had been attrocious for some weeks, that day the sun shone on us as we walked around the town and its ancient abbey ruins.

If you should visit Avalon
That Fair Isle in the west,
You'll find King Arthur's Spirit there
Though he, long since laid to rest.

It lives in every tree and hill,
In every path and stream.
It's magic, strong and welcoming
To every man and child who dreams.

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A House Is Not A Home

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Inspired by having to sell the house which my wife was born and grew up in due to the passing away of her dear mother.

Once full of life and laughter
Now empty and forelorn;
The house that I grew up in
Is left behind, foresworn.

Time marches on I know that;
And time cannot be stayed,
But now I leave that empty shell,
Knowing memories will fade.

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The Thursday Bus

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Inspired by a chance but regular meeting with a fellow traveller.

When I board the Thursday Bus
I always see this man;
Born in the Caribbean,
He’s far older than I am.

We nod and greet each other
Because we share the bus,
And for a few short minutes
Are friends, the two of us.

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Nearly Roused To Action

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Not sure where this one came from, but I had been reading a lot of poetry on the internet and some of the more modern (terse and heavily dependent on nouns and verbs) had taken my interest.

Nocturnal cries
Eternal sighs,
Dark nightly sobbing.

Unknown sad song
Who knows what wrong
Has been committed?

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Top 5

A Better Life

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Inspired by a CD of Buddhist chants I heard one evening.

Shining sounds
Of people singing
Clashing gongs
And bells a-ringing.
Some far off temple
Mystic views
A world of fable.

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I can definitely say that after only a few weeks, I am finding that all the abve targets are being met. I might not be hitting the one-a-day I hoped for but it is still a very good average and I invite you to read some of these poems and maybe even leave me a comment with your thoughts on my progress.

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