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here are some really cool coffee houses in the Norristown, Montgomery County region, say within 10 miles or so that not only have pretty good coffee but a nice feel or vibe to their establishment that makes you feel like coming back again and again. Maybe it is their music, their free wifi, their incredible selection, the unique atmosphere, their great location, etc there but there are places not too far from where you live in Montco, Delco, Philadelpia that have these fun locations. Let's look at some of the best coffee shops.

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One of Best Live Original Music Coffee Shops Near Audubon PA

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If you like live, Original music this place not too far from Audubon PA is a fun, hip, coffee shop that offers decent food, great organic coffee and a cool atmosphere that you wish more coffee houses had. Check out my post below by clicking on the

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Awesome Vietnamese Style Coffee and Cuisine Too Near Blue Bell

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OK, this place surprised me so much it had to make my coffee shop list. What is unique about this spot is that it isn't a coffee house at all but it serves up a very, very unique cup of coffee. Ever have Vietnamese Style coffee? Vietnamese coffee looks so cool and complicated when it is put in front of you for the first time you might not know what to do with it. You'll learn fast though and probably fall in love with this brew if you are truly a hard core coffee person. Check out my complete review of this place which also happens to be a fine Thai restaurant as well.

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Coffee Shop with Great Herbs and Baked Pastries

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Most coffee shops offer baked goods and sandwiches of some sort. This place does the same but the baked goods are fresh, super fresh because this company is also a bakery. Another unique thing about this store is the amount of spices they sell. Tons of herbs and spices to perk up your culinary delight. Some of the snacks I've had here are to die for. The seating area feels spacious yet cozy and it is located in a town that might not be as cool as other Main Street towns but I assure you it is getting there and there are things to do after you enjoy your coffee here. I posted a review of this great place which includes pictures and also links to a review of the town this shop is situated in. I have the post linked below. Check it out and please also read some of my other posts on Things to Do Near Norristown. Thanks (PS... if you click on the title above, "Coffee Shop with Great Herbs and Baked Pastries" you can get there too

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A Great Coffee House Just off St. Davids on Blue Route

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Great spot to catch some live music and relax in the back reading or taking advantage of free wifi. Very cozy place, especially in the back where you are taken away from watching the bustle along Lancaster Avenue. If you are into people watching sit up front where you can watch folks moving to and fro in this great little shopping, restaurant and theater town. The music is entertaining and the feeling here is relaxed. Nice art work on the walls. Check out how I rated this establishment by clicking the info below or the title above. From this post you can see if this place is right for you and also there is a link to the surrounding town this place in located in. Check it out. I wrote this post on my website Things to Do Near Norristown and hope that you enjoy it very much. The link is below or just click ("A Great Coffee House Just off St. Davids on Blue Route") above

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Chestnut Hill Coffee - Best Coffee in Philadelphia ?

This two floor establishment has one of the best coffees I have ever drank. I could probably down a cup of this every day. I'll get more into exactly what this brew is but you'll love it. There are cozy sofas and chairs upstairs and more practical sturdy but comfortable chairs downstairs. This coffee shop is located in Philadelphia's Chestnut Hill along scenic Germantown Avenue. I wrote a review on this establishment and hope that you check it out. Let's talk more about their one legendary coffee blend and nice store. Click link below or title above to go to my review . I wrote this post on my site, Things to Do Near Norristown and hope that you enjoy it. Click on the link below or title above ("Chestnut Hill Coffee - Best Coffee in Philadelphia " to see the post.

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Be sure to check out more posts I wrote. I very much enjoy contributing to my website ThingsToDoNearNorristown.Com with the hope that I can give you things to do in the Norristown area and beyond that are fun to do.

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