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raditionally covered topics with geology degree include mineralogy, topographic maps, rocks, volcanism, weathering, oceanography, geologic maps and crustal deformation, earthquakes, plate tectonics, water, and an overview of geology of the country.

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Petroleum Geologist

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Greater efforts in petroleum geology along with petroleum engineering are being made to increase recovery from existing fields. Of all oil discovered so far, it is estimated that there will be recovery of only 35% on the average.

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If you want to study ancient or classical civilizations (including the Near East, Egypt, early civilizations of the Mediterranean, classical Greece and Rome, and the early civilizations of India, China, and southeast Asia), you should take part in interdisciplinary programs that include courses in art, architecture, classics, history, ancient and modern languages, and theology.

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Mineralogists are hired by the mining industry as quality control advisors and economic geologists and usually assist in exploration. Mineralogists work with structural geologists to unravel the secrets of specific ore deposits, and, in doing so, provide valuable clues to the discovery of the new deposits.

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Hydrology is the science which studies of the movement, distribution, and quality of water throughout the Earth. It includes the water resources and hydrologic cycle. A scientist which practises hydrology is a hydrologist.

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A volcanologist is a scientist who studies the formation of volcanoes, and their historic and current eruptions. Volcanologists frequently visit volcanoes, especially active ones, to collect eruptive products including tephra, observe volcanic eruptions, lava and rock samples.

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