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f you're buying a gift for a friend or family member who's having a baby, it can be difficult to choose the right baby shower gift. There are just so many different baby products on the market! Here are some ideas.

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One Use Items

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Buying a bag of nappies or wipes is going to be appreciated a lot more than another pair of booties or a baby towel. A diaper cake (also known as a nappy cake) is a great way to present these types of items in a beautiful way.

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Going out Clothes

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New parents often begin their baby's wardrobe with items that are quick, easy and basic. Try and buy a nice little suit or dress for a special occasion.

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Food Items

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Everyone buys clothes and blankets. But what about gifts for an older baby? Most babies begin eating between 4 and six months, meaning a set of plastic spoons and some plates will come in handy very soon.

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Gift Pack

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If you're not sure what to choose, go with a gift pack. You can either buy a readymade one or make your own. The best types are simple but well planned. Try for items such as a blanket, pacifier, clothing item and toy.

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Shoes are another thing that people don't often consider. With some babies learning to walk as early as 8-10 months, parents will be forking out money for new shoes fairly fast. So buy a pair or two which can be stored for later in the year.

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