Best Review - Top 5 Best Apps For The Coby Kyros

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There are plenty of apps for the Coby Kyros internet tablet but there are actually five of them that stand out from the rest and will make sure that you've made your money's worth with purchasing the Kyros. Angry Birds You can't go wrong with the original. This game is very addictive and fun and it will keep your face glued to your tablet for a very long time. Angry Birds Season This is what you called a sequel to Angry Birds. More like a holiday edition where you could pick and choose which theme you want from Halloween to Christmas. Regardless of the themes, same great game, same great fun. YouTube Downloader Have you seen a cool looking video on Youtube and you wanted to download it for yourself to watch at a later time? This is what this cool app does for you. MP3 Music Download This app helps you search for your favorite song and download it onto your tablet for free. Pacman You could never go wrong with playing the old school Pacman on your Kyros. The difference now is that you can control Pacman with the movement of your finger.
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