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here are lots of ways to make money, you can work from home, you can sell things you do not need, you can collect cans .... Well, I will not list all the ways in this introduction but I have the best 5 ways you can make money and we live in a world where we have to earn as much money as possible to meet our own needs and our families.
Definitions of -ways
forming adjectives and adverbs of direction or manner.
See also
way, in many ways, in some ways, both ways, different ways, two ways, in different ways, evil ways, three ways, in other ways, in two ways

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Create a YouTube channel :

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You can open a channel on Youtube and publish your personal videos. It can be educational videos, comic, lessons ... The more viewership the higher your daily income.

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Freelance :

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Free work is one of the best ways to make money from home. If you are a writer, programmer, or designer you will be surprised at the amount of money you will get by working on sites like and more. Once you get the job, you will open many doors that may determine your future for the better.
Definitions of -work
activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.
he was tired after a day's work in the fields
synonyms: labor, toil, slog, drudgery, exertion, effort, industry, service, grind, sweat, elbow grease, travail
be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a purpose or result, especially in one's job; do work.
an engineer who had been working on a design for a more efficient wing
denoting things or parts made of a specified material or with specified tools.
9 more definitions
See also
Work, work out, at work, work hard, work experience, hard work, go to work, work on, good work, work up, home work
Translations of work
work, action, business, job, labor, act
task, mission, job, function, assignment, work
job, work, occupation, task
profession, career, occupation, job, vocation, work
book, volume, publication, work, compilation, school
effect, trace, trail, vestige, hint, work
result, outcome, consequence, score, conclusion, work
work, labor, function, elaborate, fag, gird on
fill, run, hold, work, turn on, engage
do, make, work, activate
dabble, work, labor, put in, job, labour
turn, transfer, refer, divert, hand over, work
16 more translations

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Trade on eBay :

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It's also easy to make money on eBay. You can sell your products or some of your own things; you can also sell someone else's products for a commission. You can earn a lot of money and this depending on the goods you put and the prices that accompany them

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You can apply the same idea to CRAIGSLIST: buy cheap items from Craigslist, eBay, or online stores, repair and renew them and then resell them at CRAIGSLIST.

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Trade by social networks :

If you have products you want to sell, you can use social media to create ad text and promote your product on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any social networking site.
Definitions of promote
further the progress of (something, especially a cause, venture, or aim); support or actively encourage.
some regulation is still required to promote competition
synonyms: encourage, advocate, further, advance, assist, aid, help, contribute to, foster, nurture, develop, boost, stimulate, forward, work for
advance or raise (someone) to a higher position or rank.
she was promoted to general manager
synonyms: upgrade, give promotion to, elevate, advance, move up, kick upstairs, prefer
See also
promote, pro, mote
Translations of promote
raise, lift, boost, hike, elevate, promote
encourage, promote, hearten, foster, support, spur
boost, enhance, promote, reinforce, foster, consolidate
promote, uplift, raise, prefer
found, set, plant, set up, establish, promote
develop, evolve, improve, promote, incubate
develop, enhance, increase, inculcate, promote
reinforce, nourish, promote
قاد حملة
favor, promote, carry favor, look with favor on, show favor, favour

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