Best Review - Top 5 Basement Renovation Companies in Toronto


he renovation market is booming and has been on a steady rise as more home owners are looking to improve on their current space as opposed to buying a new home. In 2014, it is estimated that Canadians spent a total of $68 billion in home renovations. The leading renovation was bathroom uplifts followed closely by basement renovations. Since then, basement renovations have been working their way up the ladder largely because of their essence and diversity. Most homeowners will agree that the results are quite jaw dropping. But, to be able to enjoy such results, you need to partner with some of the best basement renovation companies that Toronto has to offer.

Top 5 Basement Renovation Companies in Toronto
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AGM Basements

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With a long list of satisfied clients and diligent construction team, AGM basements easily tops the list of the best renovation companies to work with. They work at a blistering speed with most of their projects lasting only three weeks and their services are highly affordable. You can use their online platform to get an estimate. You can also schedule a consultation meeting on-site with one of their professionals. The best part is, their quotes include each item that will go into the basement based on what you would like done. You can choose to remove some of the items to make the pricing more affordable. They also present you with a model design to give you a feel of how the completed project will look before they get started. That way, if you would like to move a couple of things around, you can!

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The Basement Finishing Company

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With over 18 years in experience, The Basement Finishing Company is among the most reliable contractors you will come across. They have a neat and well organized team and their timelines arevery impressive. They are able to have the project completed in as little as 18 days depending on the design and theme you choose for your basement. Don’t worry about the quality of work given the short turn-around time. They even offer you a 2-year unlimited warranty to help cater to any concerns and bolster your confidence in the quality of their work. The only reason they feature second is because they are not as popular as that of AGM Renovation. Nevertheless, they’re pretty darn good!

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Penguin Basements Ltd

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Even though not in the business for as long, Penguin Basements has built their business around the morals that most customers only dream of. Honesty, integrity and Transparency are their main objectives. 80% of their business has been through referrals which goes to point out that they actually do what they promise. Even better, you get a lifetime warranty with them.

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M & D Buildings

The only reason why this company features further down the bottom is because they don’t exclusively work on basements. They also do general contracting. Other than that, they’re pretty good and even help their customers secure building permits. That makes the entire process much easier for the customers. They have loads of experience with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Top 5

Toronto Custom Concepts

Experience and business model aside, Toronto Custom Concepts have something to prove for their greatness. They have multiple awards and they have an award from 2012 and every year after that. However, while they do their basements pretty well, they also offer other custom made options.
Your straight ticket to the basement of your dreams largely depends on the basement renovation company that you pick. These five are great options that could help you make your dreams a reality.

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