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started a blog about baby knitting patterns. I love knitting and in particular knitting for baby. So I had heard that Google likes Squidoo so decided to build some backlinks, and in the process became addicted to Squidoo. I hope these lenses are as entertaining for you as they were for me to make.

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What to Knit When Knitting for Baby?

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It is impossible to knit without thinking about knitting for baby. They seem to be the number one target of any knitter, experienced or new. And could it be any other way, they are so cute and so precious. They represent who you are and the future of where you are going. Why wouldn't you want to expend your crafting energy knitting some little something for them.

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Simple Baby Knitting Patterns

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You never know where life will take you. There is always something cropping up to distract you from the really important things like Knitting.If you are a serious knitter, you know what I mean.

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Baby Knitting Patterns For Revival of a Wonderful Hobby

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Knitting is on the upswing! This is now a very popular time for using your baby knitting patterns. Since I have many baby patterns lying around it seems the perfect time to start a revival.

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Easy Knitting Patterns Can Help Your Determination to Enjoy Knitting

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Please don't allow anyone or anything to stop you from knitting for your baby or anyone else's. There is just no reason for you not to enjoy the pleasure of seeing something being made from needles and yarn right before your eyes with your own hands. It is really remarkable the feeling you get when you start knitting. And the trick to this is simply to use easy knitting patterns.

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Baby Knit Patterns

Baby knit patterns can be intimidating to some people, especially if you are new to knitting. They may seem too delicate or you may feel you are all thumbs and how could you possibly make this tiny thing. Well get over that, nothing could be further from the truth.

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So what do you think? Was my backlinking idea a good one? And can you blame me for becoming addicted to Squidoo? It is such great fun, backlinks or not!

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I don't knit myself but I

I don't knit myself but I guess that this top is excellent for whoever will search for Baby Knitting Pattern in the future, I'm sure those persons will be really happy to have found your top 5...