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Although many people are vegetarians for health reasons, on compassionate grounds and as a way of life, it does not suit everybody. The reason is that a sense of deprivation defeats the object of any diet. The crux of the matter is that a person should try what is good for him and if it is a vegetarian life style, so be it. To the vegetarian, the restrictions he places on himself express commitment to a healthy, natural and simplified way of life. Vegetarian diets in general have certain advantages. They are usually lower in kilojoules and in saturated fats and refined sugars in particular. But, if eggs, cheese and butter are too freely used, much of these advantages may be lost. Due to the large amounts of vegetables, fruits and whole grains in vegetarian diets, they are automatically high in fibre content. Pantry stocking tips: Vegetarian pantry essentials High protein breakfasts for vegetarians and vegans Protein sources for vegetarians Essential vitamins for vegans 5 tips for vegetarian health
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Thanks for sharing these

Thanks for sharing these links. As a vegetarian myself I check them out for some tips.