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am writing about this Top 5 Aerosmith Songs because this week, they came here in the Philippines to have a concert. They are really cool! Both Steven Tyler and Joe Perry accommodated the interview with National News Showbiz anchor Ginger Conejero. Looks like they aged by figures but never with their charm and talent. Aerosmith has been very popular here in the Philippines even if they are a hard rock band, their songs captivated the hearts of the music lovers. This band started in the 1970s. They were known for hard rock but they have incorporated blues, metal, pop and rhythm.
It’s a fact that they are classic but tell you they are also known among the youngsters because of their quality music. Here is my very list of the Best Top 5 Songs of Aerosmith. I would love to hear your opinion or your own list of 5. Cheers!

Aerosmith Fanatic here!
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This one is a ballad song. Yes, the Aerosmith can be so good on whatever genre they do but imagine their get up-they will be forever rockstars! Hehehe. As always, this become a part of Billboards Top not only in US but also in other countries.

Top 4


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As expected, it was also a part of US Top 40 during its period while it was #1 on Israel for a whole month. Whew! We can’t deny that Aerosmith is indeed an international hard rock icon. There have been lots of attempts, but there will only be 1 Aerosmith.
This song tells about a “you and me against the world” scenario where the guy invites the girl to fly away and go to somewhere- a better place for both of them where their dreams could come true. Many could relate to this, especially those couples who fought and are still fighting for their love.

Top 3


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This top 3 of my Aerosmith songs tells about the pain and struggles of a loving guy. Even when the moment he met the girl, up to now that he feel deeply in love but everything came to an end. So love was a sweet misery as how the song describes it. When you’re in love you can be in pain, especially when you have to let go of love it’s more pain you have to experience. Geeee Aerosmith makes being brokenhearted overwhelming as well!

Top 2

Fly Away From Here

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This was also a part of the Billboard when this song came out in 1994. The passion is too much in this song, as how the title describes it. The guy being so crazy in love with his girl. Even the music video of this song was said to be the one of the most requested on MTV during that season. No doubt this song did wonderful not only for the listeners but also to Aerosmith because they won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance By A Duo. Prestige!

Top 1

I don’t wanna miss a thing

I know all of the Aerosmith songs are full of heart and soul, but I’d say this was is the biggest hit ever! This was the official soundtrack of the movie Armageddon in 1998. Tell you, it was the first ever #1 song on the Billboard Hot 11 of Aerosmith after 28 years of being together. It made lots of couples cry more and love more, because it was well associated with the wonderful movie. It is said to stay #1 for the whole month during that period.
The song tells of how a man treasures every single moment with his girl. That he would even skip sleeping and stay awake just to watch the girl while sleeping. Too sweet!

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Classic rockers are the best! No doubt they are not famous in their country alone but worldwide!

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